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Top 5 Best SARMs for Cutting: Help Burn Fat With These Supplements

Summer’s here and we all want to look good at the beach. The thing is that you’re probably still working off that “belly” you built up last year and don’t know how much more training you can take without passing out.

You could always go the extra, extra mile and cut calories and add to your workout regimen.

But, working out harder while starving yourself is a recipe for disaster and it’ll make you miserable. The good news is there’s a way to see quick weight loss results without stressing yourself out, and no it’s not steroids.

a picture of a lean man with muscles

While a small group of athletes and bodybuilders still rely on ‘roids to get jacked, smarter athletes have found better methods. You can now achieve the same fast results you’d get from taking steroids but without the accompanying side effects like liver disease, cardio issues and gynecomastia (gyno) effects.

Introducing; SARMs – scientifically proven to boost strength and endurance while helping with cutting. The only problem with SARMs is that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about them. Like most people, you probably have a few pressing questions that you need answers before you can go all-in on SARMs.

For instance, you probably want to know if they are safe, if it’s legal to take them and whether or not they come with adverse side-effects as you may have heard? Of course, you want to find out what’s the best way to take them; through injection, needles or orally.

All of these and other questions will be answered in the following article, with a hope that it’ll dispel any of the myths and misconceptions you’ve heard about SARMs.

As a bonus, I’ll throw in a list of my favorite tried and tested SARMs for cutting.

What Are SARMs?

These are compounds that provide slightly less strength and benefits that steroids do but without the accompanying risks. They were initially introduced to the market in the early 90s much to the delight of the bodybuilding community.

However, they’ve been around for much longer than that, having been first developed in the 40s for use in treating osteoporosis, cancer and other conditions related to muscle damage.

It was only decades later that the mainstream media and market would recognize the vast potential of SARMs. As a consumer, it’s important to educate yourself on SARMs and fully understand their implications before you start using them. After all, it’s always best to make an informed decision.

Part of what makes SARMs so effective is the fact that they actually improve the body’s reaction to testosterone. Unlike steroids that mimic testosterone, SARMs don’t come with the risk of hormonal imbalance and its adverse side effects.

How Do They Work?

As we age, our body changes in the way it grows muscle and bone. This often makes us weaker and it’s part of the reason why the elderly tend to lose weight. It also becomes harder to lift heavy objects and move around as we age.

a picture of a very lean and muscular man

This is where SARMs come in. They’re famous for their ability to increase skeletal muscle mass, which is great news for anyone that has testosterone and androgen deficiency.

It’s important to note that the results you’ll get from your SARMs are highly dependent on how you take them and how much you take. Ultimately, whichever consumption method you use will yield the same results in that they’ll function similarly to testosterone.

That’s because SARMs target the same receptors as testosterone which is why they have the same effects as the actual hormones they mimic.

The only difference is that SARMs don’t come with the associated risk of taking testosterone hormonal treatments. Instead, they build up your muscles and work to enhance overall hormonal health without any adverse side effects.

Top SARMs to Help You with Cutting

There are many SARMs available out there for you to choose from, and they’re not all made equal. I know how confusing it can be to find the best SARM for individual needs, which is why I’ve put together a list of the best SARMs that I’ve tried as well as details on how to use them.

However, I’m going to focus on the best SARMs that will help you with cutting.

  1. Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Also known as LGD-4033, Ligandrol is a non-steroidal SARM. It’s taken orally which means you don’t have to worry about injecting yourself. Ligandrol was initially developed to treat patients with muscle wasting conditions like cancer.

That’s why it’s so helpful at holding muscle mass which is what you want during the cutting phase. It helps you to burn more calories and cut fat by boosting your metabolism.

LGD-4033 has a 24-hour half-life which means you only need to take it once per day. You’ll feel its effects throughout the day. The best part is that Ligandrol doesn’t cause any water retention, which is one of the few side effects that some people experience when taking SARMs.

  1. Stenabolic (SR9009)

Stenabolic is one of the most highly regarded compounds due to its superb results for the cutting cycle. It works similarly to Cardarine with the only difference being that it’s an actual SARM. Stenabolic is also more potent than Cardarine which means it’s even better at boosting metabolism and burning fat.

It makes it so much easier to incinerate fat and see results from all the work you put in at the gym because it actually improves glucose metabolism. However, what makes it so popular is the fact that it comes with very few mild side effects.

  1. Cardarine

Although I’ve included Cardarine as a SARM, it’s not exactly classified as one. But, it’s famous in the SARM community because it offers similar properties and benefits. Cardarine is very helpful at increasing muscle mass while helping you lose weight at the same time.

a picture of a man with low bodyfat levels that has used Cardarine

How does it work? Cardarine targets PPAR receptors while other SARMs target androgen receptors. Weirdly enough, even with these differences, Cardarine has similar effects as other SARMs and it’s up there with other potent SARMs when it comes to the results it delivers.

Not only will it increase your body’s metabolism so you can burn fat faster, but Cardarine can improve your body’s ability to process glucose which usually comes in the form of carbs and sugar.

If you want to burn fat while increasing your levels of good HDL cholesterol, then this is the compound for you. Not only that but this compound will help you trim up quickly by speeding up your metabolism.

  1. Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine is one of many compounds and SARMs that are created by GTx, Inc. which is one of the most well-known pharmaceutical companies in the world. GTx, Inc. initially developed Ostarine for the purpose of healing bone and muscle wasting conditions.

How does it work? Well, Ostarine basically boosts nitrogen and protein levels in the body, which are the primary building blocks needed to create that rippling muscle aesthetic.

As a SARM, Ostarine specifically targets receptors that are responsible for growing muscle and bone. It doesn’t cause any fluid retention so you won’t get bloated or anything like that. It’ll only help you build and protect muscle tissue.

  1. Andarine (S4)

Andarine is a favorite for bodybuilders and athletes that want to bulk up. But, in recent times it has gained popularity for its ability to facilitate faster and more effective cutting as well. This makes Andarine arguably the most versatile SARM you’ll come across. It’s an all-in-one solution that offers a wide variety of benefits.

Why is Andarine so effective at delivering quick results? Mainly because it’s an anabolic substance. This means it can help you bulk up while shredding fat. In a nutshell, it’s the SARM to take if you want Bruce-Lee body fat percentage while looking just as jacked. You just need to put in the work as well by sticking to a healthy diet in order to maximize your results.

Visit to learn more about this SARM.


Now that we’ve gone through the full gamut of the SARMs you can use for cutting, I hope this guide will make it much easier to find an option that works optimally for you.

You have at your disposal all the basic information that one would need in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

My final piece of advice would be to consider your unique personal situation and your needs. Then look at the benefits and features that come with each SARM so you can pick an option that best matches your needs.

Although not absolutely necessary, it might help if you have previous experience with other compounds, because you already know what your body responds to. Otherwise, all the best and here’s to making the most of what’s left of this summer!


Bodybuilding and SARMs: A Boon or a Bane?

What Is A SARM?

A SARM, also known as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, is used to help treat conditions like obesity and muscle wasting diseases. They are chemical compounds that interact with the brain and helps the body in various ways. They are generally used by amateur bodybuilders, gym goers and athletes to maintain fitness levels and keep their body in perfect shape. They tend to have the same effects as androgenic drugs but have slight to no side effects.

a male fitness competitor who uses SARMs

How Do SARMs Work?

SARMs are chemicals that modulate specifically selected sites that are responsible for the development of muscles in our body. A typical SARM will speed up the process of muscle building. There are various types of SARMs available in the market that are used for different purposes ranging from muscle building to weight loss and more. The exact way how they speed up the process is still unknown and research is being conducted on it.

SARMs or Steroids?

Steroids are powerful drugs that mostly help to increase muscle density, muscle weight, etc. Unlike SARMs, steroids are powerful drugs that are required in very small quantities and they also tend to have side effects. Although SARMs too have side effects, the side effects they cause are nothing as compared to the side effects caused by steroids.

Earlier, there was another group of chemicals known as pro-hormones that are responsible for similar effects as SARMs and Steroids. Pro-hormones are substances that change the concentration of certain important hormones in our body, thereby causing faster rates of muscle growth.

Pro-hormones are also not as dangerous as steroids because like SARMs they also have lesser known and moderate side effects. So it might be fit to think that pro-hormones can replace SARMs or can be used alternatively but that is not the case.

Although pro-hormones and SARMs have similar side effects, in case of pro-hormones, they generally convert to estrogen after completion of their work cycle. Accumulation of estrogen in the male body can cause female characteristics to develop, such as gynecomastia. In females, excess of estrogen can cause joint pains, irregular ovulation, etc.

So, as far as bodybuilding results are considered SARMs, Steroids and  Prohormones have similar effects but in varying intensities. The amount of steroid needed for the same increase in muscle weight is less as compared to SARMs.

a picture of a gym goer doing the plank ab exercise

Talking about general gym goers, SARMs are way better than steroids because they have milder side effects.

For bodybuilders, though, SARMs can act as a starter mechanism for them. They will need regular doses of steroids and they can use SARMs in between as a bridge between steroid cycles as a way to retain the steroid muscle gains.

Side Effects of SARMs

SARMs have mild to no side effects. Unlike steroids and pro-hormones, they are safer and also deliver what they are used for. Following are a few of the side effects of using SARMs-

  • Nausea, Vomiting, Headache (Mild)
  • Muscle Pain, Muscle Stiffness (Severe)
  • Partial Paralysis if SARM is taken in high quantity with unregulated timings. (Extreme)

Who Uses SARMs?

SARMs and bodybuilding generally go hand in hand, i.e. Bodybuilders use SARM as an intermediate between their regular steroid cycles. Although these chemical Androgen Modulators are less harmful than steroids, they do not produce as good results as steroids and thus bodybuilders use them only as intermediates.

Following are a few other professions where SARMs are used:

Gym Goers

Regular gym goers who do not need a lot of muscle to show, generally use these supplements to enhance their effect on the body. It is important to note that gym goers can and should only stick to SARMs and not use steroids.  This is because steroids do have some nasty potential side effects that lightweight people will not be able to handle.

Thus SARMS are the best choice for people who use gyms only to stay fit and build some muscle.

a picture of a man doing the cable fly chest exercise who is running a Ostarine cycle


Those who require endurance and speed boosts use specially modified androgen modulators that help them in the cause.

SARMs have mild side effects and are very effective. One added benefit that comes with using SARMs for athletes is that, since these chemicals bind with the cytoplasm and stay there for a long time, they are generally very hard to detect in blood tests which are conducted before competition (sports at the highest levels will have better drug testing protocols which will detect SARMs).


One other use of these supplements is by professional cyclists. Pro-cyclists have been known to use SARMs to help boost endurance.

Other Sports

SARMs are also banned in various sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, etc for increasing general efficiency, endurance and robustness.

It is important to note that in most of the above cases, using SARMs or any other such chemicals that help to build muscle, boost endurance or in any way change the chemical nature of the body is forbidden. Yet these chemicals find a lot of use in these events and sports.

Be aware!

SARMs are mostly still being researched and hence there is no government body responsible for actual control and elimination of such chemicals.

Since these are still research drugs, there are a lot of companies that sell adulterated drugs that are more dangerous than genuine ones. This is why it is important to buy and use SARMs from a trusted vendor and not from the first shop that you see. Do some research before buying.

There are a lot of companies that sell food supplements adulterated with such androgen modulating compounds and thus sometimes they work better than expected.

These adulterated supplements are very hard to detect because in most cases the ingredients column do not show the presence of any such chemical that can resemble a SARM.

The reviews that they get are better initially, which drives the market for a little time. You do at times read about a professional sports person claiming the failed a drugs test due to a tainted supplement. This is someonthing that does actually happen because of the reason above.

What Are The Best SARMs?

As already stated above, SARMs are used for various purposes. Some of the best SARMs in the market that come with mild to no side-effects are-

  • Cardarine – is a very strong drug that helps in reducing fat while retaining muscle density and muscle weight. The recommended dosage pattern is 15-20 mg per day with meals once a day and 30-45 minutes before an intense workout. This cycle should continue for 8-12 weeks. Learn more here.
  • Andarine (S4) – is probably the most popular and sought after androgen modulating supplement in the current market. S4 is a widely used SARM that has very slight side effects and helps not only in cutting down of fat but also helps in the building of muscle. The recommended dosage is 50mg per day split into two doses of 25mg each during the morning and evening hours with at least a 12-hour gap between them. The cycle should continue for 8 -12 weeks.
  • A stack of LGD–4033 and RAD140 help in bulking of muscle mass and density. This mixture is one of the most used SARM combos by gym goers. An equal dosage of 10mg a day for about 8 weeks will help in gaining muscle mass and muscle density. Find out more about RAF140 here

As stated earlier, SARMs are still in the research phase and none of them guarantees to deliver the intended results without the slight risk of side effects.

It is best to stick to natural supplements, a good diet and lifting weights for building muscle.  But for anyone who must use SARMs to help them on this road, do so by buying from reputed stores and respected vendors.


Episode 12

Episode 12 of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

Is it possible to cause permanent damage from a dbol only cycle? I did 50mg a week for 10 weeks and I finished my pct 2 months ago now. I now feel as if I can’t hold an erection like I could before. I’m wondering if the fact that I’m worrying is either causing it or making it worse.

Damage is quite a vague term so to be more specific, if you’re asking whether the cycle could have caused a permanent shutdown, the answer is that yes, it’s possible. However, this usually only occurs if you had a pre-existing problem prior to starting the dbol.

The type of PCT could also be a factor; if it wasn’t sufficient it may be that it hasn’t been effective which is why recovery has been delayed. Unfortunately, the only way to be certain about what’s going on is to go and get your hormones tested. Medichecks offer a good service which doesn’t cost a fortune. If you can try to stop worrying it will help as stress could exacerbate the problem.

What’s your opinion on tren? Is it something you have had success with? People rave about the stuff.

Tren is a very powerful and effective drug but it is also quite harsh, so it is down to the individual whether they feel the rewards outweigh the risks. The other problem is that it is a very expensive product to produce which results in a lot of it being either under dosed or fake. This obviously doesn’t affect every purchase of tren but it’s one of the drugs where issues with purchases are seen more regularly. Think very carefully before you start this drug and do your homework as there is a very real potential for things to go wrong.

If I cruise on 200mg test a week how much HCG should I take to keep the testes working? We’re hoping to have another child so this is something that’s important to us both.

For a genuine trt cruise, 200mg is too high; you’d generally need to take no more than around 100mg a week. Secondly, no matter how much HCG you take it isn’t going to keep everything working whilst on gear, it will only maintain testicular mass. It’s possible to keep them turning over but this normally following a period of full functioning. If you’ve come straight from a cycle to a cruise, you’ll be completely shut down and would need to run a pct to restore production first. Only then could you run 100iu hcg eod during your cycle/cruise. However, if you run 100iu eod post cycle during cruise it’s not really going to have the impact you want but if you go much higher you will desensitize the Leydig cells which can have catastrophic longer term results. An alternative is HMG which is very effective for fertility.

What’s the longest cycle you have done? Are you a fan of short or long cycles and why?

In the past, I’ve been on for 4 years but that was due to stupidity! It’s not a good idea and not something I’d recommend. I prefer 12 week cycles; I’ve been longer when I did Under Construction 1 and 2 but overall 12 week cycles are the optimal length.


What are Prohormones?

Shredding every last pound of body fat while simultaneously building lean muscle can take more than complete dedication to eating a clean diet and training well.

Getting to your absolute physical best often requires a boost from supplements. Many bodybuilders opt for anabolic steroids but there are risks attached, despite the considerable benefits.

One alternative to taking anabolic steroids is the use of prohormones, another group of drugs which offer the chance to improve your physique immeasurably.

But like any performance enhancing drug, it’s essential to understand what they are, how they work and the warning signs to watch out for. Here’s our guide to prohormones and how to use them for bodybuilding.


What is a prohormone?

Despite having a different name, you might find a lot of people referring to prohormones as “weak steroids”. Although this isn’t technically true, the two groups of drugs very closely resemble each other and have a similar effect on the body.

Anabolic steroids are created to mimic testosterone in order to activate the androgen receptor. It’s this process which kickstarts the anabolic effect within the body.

By contrast, prohormones are a type of hormone precursor which means that once introduced into the body, they act on the same androgen receptors to produce very similar effects to anabolic steroids. Most prohormones are introduced to the body in an inactive form and transform after they are exposed to certain enzymes.

Although prohormones and anabolic steroids are different types of compounds, the net effect on the body is the same. However, prohormones tend to produce a weaker result because they have to go through a process of transformation in order to take effect. Anabolic steroids are ready to work immediately and are a far more potent type of drug.

The benefits

Although prohormones aren’t generally as powerful as anabolic steroids, they can produce a very similar effect within the body.

Prohormones lead to greater muscle mass which is achieved via improved protein synthesis in the body. Endurance and strength is also heightened, which makes it possible to train longer and harder. This is another reason why prohormones help to add bulk. Although they affect the androgen receptor, don’t expect to get good results without doing any training.

The other major benefit is that you’ll recover faster too. So after a really hard session you’ll do less potential damage to your joints, and be back ready to work out again much more quickly.

The neural drive also increases too which will not only up your sex drive but make you feel extra competitive. This can provide a read edge when it comes to training.

For those who aren’t a fan of injections, prohormones could be a very viable alternative. They have a high level of oral bioavailability which means they don’t need to be injected.

What-is-ProhormonesThe disadvantages

Although prohormones can deliver some very solid results, it’s important to understand that just because they are weaker than anabolic steroids, they still can cause significant side effects.

Just like anabolic steroids, the side effects you could experience depend on the drug being used. Many have a low conversion rate to estrogen but those which do aromatize carry the risk of gyno, bloating and water retention just like their steroid counterparts.

A good number of pro hormones are also not particularly androgenic but the same can’t be said for all of them. However, pro hormones such as 1-androstenediol are strongly androgenic and can cause the same problems such as male pattern baldness and acne.

Although taking prohormones might seem like a convenient form of administration, you are running a much greater risk of doing damage to your liver. Orally administered drugs have to pass through the liver and can ultimately harm it in the longer term.


One of the biggest problems with anabolic steroids is the legality, with potentially hefty consequences even for personal possession.

When pro hormones were first introduced in the 1990s, they could be bought legally which is one of the reasons why they were so attractive. This is because they weren’t named in the 1990 Steroid Control Act.

However, the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014 changed this for good. The legislation allows any drug which has a similar effect to anabolic steroids to be treated in the same way, and there’s also no longer the burden of proof on the FDA to prove the case. Instead, the manufacturer must now prove the substance is not like an anabolic steroid in order to be exempted.

This means that while prohormones are still used by the bodybuilding community, they are more similar than ever to anabolic steroids, with use of either being punishable under US law.


Episode 11

Episode 11 of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

Hiya Dave. Do you mind telling me how long I should way between oral only cycles? I have been told so many different things so I’d love your opinion. Is 8 weeks the max cycle length for them?   Also my girlfriend wants to start a cycle of some sorts. Am I right in thinking anavar only is a good place to start? If so how much per day? Any advice for my girl would be great thanks.

Ok I’d say a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks’ drug free post pct. Personally I like to take 3 months off, oral cycle length can vary massively as certain orals are seriously nasty while others are a lot milder than people give them credit for. Regards your lady I’d say 10-20mg per day to start.

Why have new steroids stopped being created. All the bread and butter compounds have been around decades now. You’d think they would be appearing much more frequently.

Hormones are hormones, there are over 250 registered steroids. They have their limitations within medical use which is why development of medicinal drugs has moved into other areas like peptides. Drug development costs millions and takes years. Companies are not going to invest that sort of money without a good medicinal market for the product.

Why does deca shut you down so bad? I am thinking to maybe add some of this to my next test cycle but I want to know what causes such bad shutdown from it.

Because it converts to DHN which displaces DHT at the receptor causing erectile issues.

I thought test is supposed to make me feel like a god!? I am 5 weeks into a test e 600mg ew cycle and I feel run down and lethargic. Can test actually do this?

Yes, your body isn’t coping with the high hormone levels reduce your doses.

My blood pressure is much higher now on my dbol cycle. Should I make an effort to lower it or will there be no harm done from having high blood pressure for 6 weeks?

You need to reduce it because high bp is never good and can severely damage the kidneys.

Visit the Simply Anabolics homepage for more episodes of this awesome series.


Episode 10

Episode 10 of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

I know how important it is to rest between cycles but I am considering cruising and blasting for 12 months. If I was to cruise on say 250mg test e per week and blast with 500-750mg plus other compounds what are the chances of me making a 100% recovery after the PCT has ended? What type of pct would be needed to do this?

250mg is not a cruise. A cruise is supposed to mimic natty levels, so 125mg would be more in keeping with this. Regards recovery it is difficult to say as everyone is different and I can’t account for possible underlying issues however I would look at dr scallys power pct for when you decide to pct.

I am 5’9, 11.5 stone and around 14% body fat. I have been training for 5 years now but I made many mistakes along the way. I have spent a long chunk of that time cutting. Now I want to put some nice mass on. I have a goal in mind of 13 stone at 10% body fat. If you were me what type of cycles would you be looking at to reach my goals? I know we are all different but do you think 3 cycles should get me there if diet and training is dialled in?

Keep it simple and rely on good old fashioned hard training lots of clean food and I see no reason why not. For basic bulking nothing wrong with test and deca.

I have injected many times before but a few days ago I pinned test 2 250mg into the glute. It was sore at first but I have felt the same thing before so I did not give it much thought. The injection site isn’t red but there is a perfectly round lump. It is 3 inches wide and pretty thick too. What do you think this could be? I have just started icing the lump hopefully it will go away on its own.

Its pooled oil so you don’t want ice you want heat as hot as you can stand for as long as you can stand. A hot water bottle will do the trick.

I have seen you say that tbol and dbol only cycles do have their places. Do you think it would be worthwhile running anavar only?


I am in the midst of my first steroid cycle. I didn’t get any bloodwork done before. But this is something I want to do in future so I can monitor for certain. This is not something that can be done on the NHS is it? Do you monitor your own bloods? If so where would I need to go to do this.

I use Vitruvian man. You can find them on Facebook but medicheck is another service used by many.

On cycle upping protein intake is the best bet I think. How does 2g of protein per pound of bodyweight sound to you. Is this overkill?

I wouldn’t say it’s over kill but its plenty.

Keep an eye out on our website for the next episode of this series.



Episode 9

Episode 9 of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

Is it possible to not gain fat during PCT? Can you give some tips on how to keep the fat off during pct please? If we cut calories we lose muscle. Perfect world is no fat gain and hold onto as much muscle as possible.

Of course it is but even if you do gain a little just sit with it for a month or so then look at dieting because your body needs time to accept new tissue. If you diet straight of the back of a bulking cycle you will drop muscle tissue. It’s all down to keep your diet tight and pushing hard throughout the PCT instead of letting your foot of the gas.

I am on a tbol only cycle and my left nipple feels a little odd. Slightly tender. At what point should someone start nolva to combat nipple problems. Some of this may be in my head but it’s best to know what to do and when to do it.

Tbol doesn’t aromatise so it is in your head, you do not require nolva unless of course you haven’t got tbol and have been sold dbol instead.

I want bigger arms so do you think training them twice per week is ok? I ask this question from a natty and on cycle perspective.

Yes, I do I’m a great believer in low volume, high intensity and high frequency.

I frequent lots of steroid forums and they bash anyone that mentions dbol only cycles. They say that you will blow up with water and then lose it all once the cycle ends. Do you agree with this? Maybe if you lowered the dose per day but took the dbol for a longer period of time would help some?

Dbol does have a tendency to cause water retention that is true. Careful Estrogen management will mitigate this to some degree and the addition of antihistamines may help too. But even with water retention it doesn’t mean the cycle will be less effective. Dbol is a good solid compound with a track record of providing good gains. I think some of the problem is people mistake water retention for gains and when they stop and drop the water they assume they are losing muscle when this is not the case.

When I cut weight I always do it with intermittent fasting and keto. I find that with keto I don’t really get hungry which is a huge plus for me. But boy do I look forward to my weekly carb up. Anavar is great drug for cutting. It helps burn fat around the belly. My question is anavar and keto ok together. Will the anavar just as effectively as if there were carbs?

Ok let’s get a few things straight, Anavar is not a fat burner and secondly it doesn’t target fat around the stomach. Anavar provides dry lean gains so diminishing water levels can make the user appear leaner. Now with regards to whether it will work in a keto environment I am assuming you mean as a fat burner. Well as I’ve said it isn’t one so keto will not affect it as it doesn’t do it. It will still help with lean gains though. What you’re going to gain in a ketogenic environment is difficult to say but it would be restricted.

Real anavar is hard to get hold of. My supplier has some 50mg per tab anavar. I feel like 50mg must surely be fake! Have you ever encountered legit anavar 50mg tabs?

Yes, they are quite common.

Please send your questions that you would like to ask Dave to


Gynecomastia and Steroids

Having flabby man boobs – or moobs – is something which is more often associated with men who are overweight, but it’s a phenomenon which can often occur with bodybuilders too.

Gynecomastia, often referred to as “bitch tits” or just gyno in the bodybuilding community, can occur when performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids are taken.

But although gynecomastia is a very real risk, there’s ways to deal with the problem when it arises but early intervention is vital.

Identifying gynecomastia

Bodybuilders work on their pecs regularly as part of their training and having developed muscles in this area should not be confused with gyno.

With a good set of pec muscles, the area will feel tight and defined with a toned appearance. The contrast with gyno is huge: the breast tissue will feel soft and puffy and almost pillow-like to the touch. This is due to engorgement of the area which lies over the top of the muscle.

The nipples can sometimes feel sore or sensitive with gynecomastia, and can look particularly abnormal when the weather is warmer.

You will notice the symptoms of gyno a while before the condition fully develops. This could be increased sensitivity, itchiness or discomfort in the breast area; take action quickly enough and you could prevent gyno from properly taking hold.

Understanding the cause

Before we turn to possible solutions to treat gyno in bodybuilding, it’s first necessary to understand the root cause.

Gyno isn’t anything to do with eating too much or not training enough; it’s a hormonal condition caused by the abnormal fluctuations created by anabolic steroids.

Increasing testosterone levels is the holy grail for most bodybuilders, as it’s this which allows greater amounts of muscle to be built. Anabolic steroids provide this, but some are more androgenic than others which accounts for the variation in effects.

The hormone required for gynecomastia to flourish is oestrogen, the direct opposite of testosterone. It might therefore seem that taking anabolic steroids would actually decrease the likelihood of gyno occurring but this isn’t the case. Some types of steroid can lead to conversion to oestrogen plus the rise in testosterone can cause the body to naturally produce more oestrogen too. This conversion occurs through a process known as aromatisation, achieved with the help of the aromatase enzyme.

This increase in oestrogen within the body is what causes gyno. If you’ve never had gynecomastia before, it doesn’t mean you’re immune. Some steroids are more likely to have an effect than others, and the length of the cycle and the dosage can have an influence too.

How to get rid of gyno

As a bodybuilder your natural inclination may well be to exercise even harder and eat clean in an effort to rid yourself of your swelling breasts.

However, gyno has absolutely nothing to do with exercise and by creating larger pec muscles which lie beneath the breast tissue, you could inadvertently be making the matter much worse!

It’s important to catch the signs of gyno early because if you leave it too long, surgery will be your only option to reverse the effects. However, swift action could prevent it fully developing and allow you to continue with your cycle without any gyno concerns.

As soon as you start to feel altered sensation in your breast area, limiting the oestrogen in your body is key. In some cases it can be a good idea to take steps to limit the oestrogen when you start your cycle, before any effects are evident.

Drugs are the way to control the oestrogen in the body, either via Selective Oestrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) or Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs).

Nolvadex (also known as Tamoxifen) is a SERM which has been used widely to try and combat gyno by blocking the binding action of the oestrogen to the receptors. Although this doesn’t reduce the oestrogen in the body, it prevents any effects by blocking the action. This can be sufficiently strong enough to prevent gyno from developing in some users, but it won’t work for everyone.

If SERMs aren’t effective, AIs are a slightly more powerful solution but they can produce side effects so it’s best to only use them if the response to SERMs doesn’t control the gyno symptoms. Arimidex (Anastrazole) and Letrozole (Femara) are two of the most commonly used aromatase inhibitors in the bodybuilding community and can provide excellent control.

Gynecomastia – know your options

Don’t wait until you’ve started to see the symptoms of gynecomastia before you think about taking preventative action because you could be too late. Make sure you research the best solution for you and consider including either a SERM or an AI in your cycle if you’re particularly sensitive to the aromatising effects of steroids or you’re dosing high or cycling hard.


Kickstarting a Steroid Cycle

Whether you’re new to using anabolic steroids, or a seasoned pro, you’ll be wanting to get the most out of your cycle.

Cutting, bulking or recomping; whatever the type of cycle you’re running, you won’t see results from the very start. This is because it takes a while for most steroids to have an effect, particularly those which are injected.

This delay is why a lot of bodybuilders opt to kickstart their cycle so they don’t waste a day waiting for the drugs with a longer ester to start to work. Here’s what you need to know about kickstarting your cycle and how it works in practice.

What is kickstarting?

If you’ve done your homework, you’ll have probably heard of kickstarting already. It’s a common way of stacking which ensures that every day during your cycle counts.

A lot of the steroids used take a while to get properly into the system, sometimes as long as a few weeks. This means that at the beginning of the cycle, you’ll be missing out on any extra cutting or bulking results you were hoping to see.

It is possible to get around this by using an additional drug, usually an anabolic steroid but not always, that works much more quickly. This extra drug is the kickstarter, and is only used right at the beginning of a longer cycle.

picture of oral steroid thats used for a cycle kickstart

As the main steroids in your cycle start to take effect, the kickstarter drug stops so you don’t end up with too many side effects or taking too high a dose. Using a faster-acting performance enhancing drug in this way means that you can bulk, cut or recomp from the start of your cycle and enjoy better results straight away.

Oral steroids are often used as a kickstarter. This is because they’re often too toxic to the liver to run for an entire cycle but because they act quickly and can be very effective, they’re the perfect short term solution.

When to start kickstarting

The principle of kickstarting is attractive to most bodybuilders, but the question is often asked: how many cycles should I have behind me before I can try this?

If you’re just starting out on anabolic steroids you are probably eager to get amazing results, but you need to take it easy. Everyone reacts differently to anabolic steroids and until you know what side effects you are more prone to, you can’t plan your optimal cycle.

For this reason, all the experts recommend only running one steroid at a time for your first cycle, but if you’re using a testosterone with a longer ester (such as cypionate or enanthate) you won’t see the effects for a few weeks anyway. That leaves you free to try kickstarting your cycle with a little bit of Dbol for the first 3-4 weeks.

This will allow you to judge the effect that the Dbol has on your body, before later assessing the testosterone when it finally starts to work. The only proviso is that the dosage of the Dbol should be low, around 30mg per day, because this is your first run-out.

In subsequent cycles, Dbol can still be used to kickstart results, but typically at the higher dose of 50mg per day. You might also run this kickstarter with a longer acting stack of two or more drugs, unlike your initial cycle.

Dianabol isn’t the only steroid which can be useful for kickstarting a cycle; winstrol and anavar are favored by some. And testosterone can also be used to kickstart, but in the form of the short-acting ester, testosterone propionate.


Oral steroids are effective, and some users say deliver the best results they see without the need to pin.

However, although you’ll get results, lots of people suffer from side effects, and there’s the added problem of liver toxicity too.

Some users are able to tolerate oral steroids for a short time while kickstarting a cycle but for others, their reaction is far too strong to make it desirable or safe. For these individuals, there is an alternative: SARMs.

A different type of drug entirely but producing similar results, SARMs can be a viable alternative. It’s possible to get quicker results, in the same way as oral steroids, although the effect won’t usually be quite as dramatic.

However, the benefit is that you can run SARMs for much longer and the side effects are far more tolerable than anabolic steroids. They also don’t cause any toxicity to the liver either which is one of the biggest oral steroid concerns.

Therefore, if you don’t want to use test prop, and oral steroids are causing you problems, SARMs could give your cycle a kickstart without the unpleasant effects.

Make your cycle count

When you’re cycling you should be feeling the effects every single day to really push your boundaries and get the results you want. Kickstarting your cycle is a great way to ensure that you don’t waste time sitting around and waiting for the drugs to start working. But make sure you do your research and understand how your body reacts to steroids before going in too hard, too soon. Remember – just because it worked for your buddy, doesn’t mean it’s right for you too!


Episode 8

Episode 8 of “Ask the Expert” featuring Dave Crosland.

I bought a steroid cycle many months ago which included 2 vials of HCG. Both are just small glass bottles with white powder at the bottom. What am I to do with these? I think I need bacterial water? Another thing is there is no measurements on the vial so I am unsure how id determine the dose. I am going to use this with test e 500mg for 12 weeks. Should I start the HCG as soon as I start the test and when should I stop? I would have asked the supplier but he has gone missing so would you mind helping please.

HCG can be used during cycle or post, its pretty much down to personal preference. If during you won’t need it at the end as it prevents testicular atrophy. If used post cycle its restores testicular mass. It comes in 1500iu, 2500iu and 5000iu vials so you need to know the size of the vials you have. Yes, you mix it with bio water. Keep it refrigerated once mixed during cycle. 250iu twice a week post cycle would depend on the PCT you are running.

Any tips for pinning for the first time ever?

Do it slowly and don’t stress. Even better is to get someone to do it for you. Make sure everything is clean and don’t panic.

Mixing orals with alcohol is a huge no because of stress to the liver. How soon after finishing orals can I drink again? Once the half life of the oral has ended is it then ok to commence heavy drinking or best wait it out for longer?

It’s never ok to commence heavy drinking. Alcohol reduces natty test by up to 50% and can take 3 days to recover. It severely dehydrates you. It reduces protein synthesis and increases the aromatisation of test, thus increasing your Estrogen levels. It also increases the production of myostatin which reduces muscle growth.

I plan on running some growth when I have the funds. What are your own experiences using HCG? Did it push you through any plateaus? What type of weight did you gain?

Huge water retention lol no it didn’t push me through any plateaus but then when I used it, it was part of a very large and complex drug protocol. It’s difficult to attribute results down to hgh as I was running so much gear etc. You will see a rapid weight gain initially and be a lot fuller but this is water.

Depending how you run it, low doses will improve well-being and lower fat levels but it’s a long term thing for results. Higher doses will look more towards muscle mass but you will feel very tired all the time and start experiencing joint pain. Don’t think of GH as something that grows muscles think of it as a recovery aid and laying the foundation for cellular growth.

For someone for is prone to gyno what should they do before they cycle? What is needed to cover the bases?

Look for non-aromatising drugs or use an ai and a serm but not letro, unless you have exhausted every other option as its very powerful and does more harm than good. Just remember when using an ai you’ll get rebound when you stop so run the serm for longer to cover this.

What would you say is the most potent cycle? 30mg dbol ed + 250mg test e PW or 500mg test e PW?

500mg of test e is more powerful but not because dbol is poor but because 250mg pw isn’t really enough full stop. It will cause shut down but stable levels are not going to be massively high compared to natty levels.

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