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A Complete Guide to Anabolic Steroid Hormonal Shutdown

Whether you’re looking to bulk up and pile on some serious mass, or cut for a lean, hard physique, you’ll find an anabolic steroid which can help you achieve your goals.

But while anabolic steroids all have slightly different actions, and can produce different results, there’s one thing they all have in common: shutdown.

Without exception, all anabolic steroids have the ability to cause the shutdown of the production of testosterone within the body. And that has a pretty widespread effect causing everything from impotence and low libido to depression.

depressed bodybuilder suffering from shutdown

Unfortunately, there’s no escaping testosterone shutdown when you use anabolic steroids as they’ll all have the same effect. But understanding the process within the body is the first step to managing the problem. Here’s what you need to know….

Why does shutdown occur?

All anabolic steroids belong to a group of drugs known as androgens. Some steroids are more androgenic than others, but they all have a similar effect on the body.

Natural testosterone is produced in the testicles, and any surplus is sent around the body where it’s used to build muscle and fulfill other typically male functions, such as grow body hair. The testicles know how much testosterone to produce because the brain tells them.

When the brain identifies that there’s not enough testosterone it stimulates the release of certain hormones such as LH and FSH which in turn travel down to the testicles and pass on the message.

Shutdown occurs because the androgenic effect on the body is almost the same as the testosterone produced. The brain therefore thinks there’s too much of it in circulation and orders the testicles to stop producing, which they inevitably do.

You might be wondering what the problem is if there’s lots of testosterone-type substances being pumped around the body. However, there is no way for this to get out of the bloodstream and into the testicles and therein lies the problem.

Without any testosterone in the testicles, the male body stops the production of sperm and when you stop your cycle there’s also some other unpleasant effects too.

What symptoms will I notice?

Because you’re still taking testosterone, you won’t notice the effects of your body producing no natural testosterone in many ways, at least during your cycle.

This means that production could have shutdown completely and you wouldn’t know it because the external testosterone that’s being introduced is compensating and masking the problem.

However, because the external testosterone can’t reach all areas from the blood stream, you will notice some side effects, namely shrunken testicles.

You might feel quite alarmed to notice that your balls are shrinking, but this is just due to the fact they don’t need to produce any sperm. You will also be sterile during this period. Providing you’ve been sensible about the cycle and haven’t dosed too high, too long or too frequently, everything should revert to normal once you finish taking the drug. Eventually…

Recovering from shutdown

While you’re taking the external testosterone in the form of an anabolic steroid, you might not notice too many problems other than the testicular atrophy but once the cycle stops, that’s when the issues start.

Unfortunately, your body won’t immediately recognize that you’re no longer taking the external testosterone and recommence its own production. So this is when you could really be hit with the symptoms of testosterone shutdown. These could include loss of libido, inability to get an erection and low mood. Oh, and your balls won’t return to their proper size yet either!

If you abuse anabolic steroids by not following the proper protocols, you could find that this situation is permanent. However, if you’re cycling properly, this state of shutdown should be only temporary.

After any anabolic steroid cycle, you should undertake something known as PCT – Post Cycle Therapy. This will help to encourage your body to re-start natural production of testosterone. Without PCT it can take many months – or longer! – for natural testosterone production to return. And that’s a long time to be experiencing the symptoms of shutdown…

Shutdown is inevitable

It’s important to understand that shutdown is inevitable when using anabolic steroids, and also that your body needs some support to recover. But by making sure you don’t cycle too hard, take breaks between cycles and use proper PCT to help recommence production, you should find that all of the symptoms (including shrunken testicles) will resolve.

Visit for more information on shutdown and lots more topics.


Ask the Expert: Episode 7

Welcome to Simply Anabolics latest edition of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

What do you think is the ideal first cycle? Do you agree that it is test e only?

Depends on the individual and their circumstances (not everybody is comfortable with injecting) but I’d say 400- 500mg a week of test e or sus is a great first cycle.

I have just completed a cycle of sus and tren ace 1 week ago. I have just today started showing gyno symptoms. I wasn’t going to start my pct for another week. I have both nolva and clomid. Should I start this right away?

Yes, start the nolva straight away i’d look at hcg for your actual pct as well, so run the nolva until you’re ready to start your pct then run pct as normal.

Do you have any favourite labs? I find its hit and miss buying this stuff so any lab recommendations would be great!

I use very few labs and only ones I know I can trust across the board. I used to use precision anabolics but unfortunately they are no more. So now if I was using I would use premier pharma, I’ve had it all tested and it all came back spot on.

Have you ever used insulin? If you have what type of results did it give you. Very interested in slin. I plan to use it somewhere down the line. Any tips on how to best use it safely.

Yes, I have it’s a very powerful drug but you have to give it serious respect. I have passed out driving at 80mph due to mismanaging my slin use. I was very lucky not to die in the resulting crash (luckily no one else was involved just me, a banking and several trees. It was the use of insulin an hgh that helped me reach 415lb. However, its application is complex and not something I would discuss on an open page, but what I will say is match your slin to your carb intake and not the other way around.

Should I take hcg during a test e / dbol cycle or is it best to wait until pct to use this? Opinions vary on this so I am wondering what yours is.

Either or both are effective. You can run it throughout your cycle but must be started at the same time from a fully functioning natty base or post in pct. If you run it during you won’t need to run it post really, just over run a couple of weeks on the low dose past your last jab.

Hi Dave I would love to hear your thoughts on the following. I read on a forum of some guy that did the following:

 Dbol at 10mg a day for 14 days

10 days off

Dbol at 10mg a day for 14 days

10 days off

This does cycle does not end. This is all year round. So dbol was being used as a supplement (low doses) and not a steroid (high doses). Apparently all blood works came back good and his test levels increased whilst doing this. He was never shutdown or used a PCT. He did not say he made crazy gains but solid and consistent for an experienced lifter. Also got the feel good feeling from dbol. Such a low dose of dbol would do no harm to the liver right? I find this super interesting and it makes some sense to me.

Your correct in that such a low dose is unlikely to do liver harm long term but it may affect the stomach lining as long term medication of any drug can. However, the bit I would question would be the suppression. A dose of 15mg per day has been shown to suppress function by 69%. Are there any blood works to back up the claim of no shutdown?

Please send any questions that you have for Dave to


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Orals vs Injectables

If you’re new to using anabolic steroids, starting with an injectable drug may seem like a massive step, and one that you’re not yet prepared to take. However, what many newbies don’t realize is that injectables can actually be far gentler on the body than oral steroids, despite the trickier route of administration.

So here’s the lowdown on both orals and injectables, with the pros and cons of each…


Orals typically come in either liquid or tablet form and are undeniably much simpler to take than an injectable: simply pop a pill or gulp down the liquid and you’re done. Unfortunately, though, there’s much more to consider than just that.

Firstly, what oral steroids are not. They aren’t necessarily cheaper, stronger, weaker, easier to obtain or safer. The individual characteristics of each drug aren’t determined by whether it’s an oral or an injectable, but the type of steroid it is.

picture of many steroid tablets

However, as a general rule orals are much tougher on the liver. This is because when a steroid is taken by mouth, it is normally metabolized by the liver, with very little of the actual drug ever reaching the bloodstream.

In order for oral steroids to have any bioavailability, they must have their chemical structure altered to get past this initial breakdown. By adding a methyl group to the 17th carbon, something known as a C17-alpha alkylation occurs and this is resistant to being broken down by the liver.

A steroid which has become C17-alpha alkylated will largely survive the first pass through the liver, enabling it to become bioavailable. Unfortunately, the same process means that it also becomes very toxic to the liver too.

For this reason, liver enzymes must be monitored closely when taking oral steroids, and each cycle must be relatively short. Orals taken at a high dose for a long time have been associated with extreme side effects such as liver cancer.

The hepatotoxicity of orals has other effects too, in particular relating to cholesterol levels within the body. Because cholesterol is largely processed by the liver, the knock on effect of taking orals is that the unhealthy LDL cholesterol level within the body rises, while the “good” cholesterol HDL drops.

However, some individuals do prefer to take oral steroids, and there are advantages of doing so, such as the avoidance of painful injection sites. If oral steroids are taken the cycle should be restricted to no more than 6-8 weeks. In an ideal world they should only be taken to supplement injectable steroids, such as kick starting a cycle.


There are three different ways to inject into the body: intravenously, intramuscularly and subcutaneously. The method most often chosen for anabolic steroids is intramuscularly and very rarely subcutaneously. Steroids are never injected intravenously.

Injecting steroids requires the user to rotate their injection site and to leave at least 1-2 weeks before they return to the same site. This doesn’t normally cause any problems as there are 34 suitable intramuscular injection points on the body including the glutes, biceps, triceps, deltoids and pecs.

picture of steroid injection being prepared

Some users don’t like the pain associated with injections but this can be reduced by icing the delivery site. In addition, if the steroid is suspended in oil, running the syringe under hot water will warm the solution and make it smoother to administer.

The other risk is that if the steroid is not injected properly or if the equipment is dirty, bleeding, pain, numbness or infection could arise. It’s therefore essential to keep everything clean and not to share needles.

Although injectables can be more complicated than orals, at least to start with, they aren’t as toxic to the liver because they don’t need to go through the process of C17-alpha alkylation. This means that they don’t typically have problems with cholesterol to the same extent either. And because of this it’s possible to run much longer cycles, getting more benefit from the steroid.

The other advantage to injectables is that many are long acting because an ester is attached. This reduces the frequency of the injections required, minimizing the inconvenience.

What to choose?

Everyone is different and ultimately what you choose is down to your personal preference. For most people, orals aren’t a good idea to run solo because the body finds them much harder to tolerate. Getting used to administering injections can take a bit of a while but if you’re able to master the technique, you’ll have a much greater choice for your steroid cycles in the future.


Ask the Expert: Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of our “ask the expert” series with Dave Crosland. Here are the best questions that we have received this week.

I have got some tbol.  I am going to do a tbol only cycle for 8 weeks. I think you said 40mg ed is ok for a first cycle. But would it be best to take say 60mg or more because these things tend to be under dosed?

I have read also that tbol doesn’t shut you down too much and libido can actually increase. so would it be OK to time this cycle to end the day before I go on holiday for a weekend? I ask this because I don’t want to be feeling down and depressed whilst away.

Or is cycling and finishing well before this holiday a better bet?

On an oral only cycle you’ll still need a pct but you can run an all in cap that are sold online. Dosing if you’re going to run 60mg, just split into 3 x 20mg doses.

I have had gyno from steroid use from a few years back. I know that letro can be used to get rid of gyno. How would you recommend I dose it and for how long?

If your gyno is years old its unlikely letrozole will do anything as it is established tissue now so I’m afraid your looking at surgery. Get to your GP and play it heavy on the embarrassment factor, say things like, won’t take top off, ruined relationships etc and with any luck they should sort you. With letro as it is an ai and a particularly powerful one at that you’ll need a serm like tamox to take post usage to manage the rebound you’ll get.

Wondering what your thoughts are on the Rich Piana cycle he recently published online if you have had a chance to see it. It looks pretty insane to me!

To be honest I’ve not seen it. I like Rich but he’s a business man before he’s honest. A lot of his stuff is very calculated and managed and he’s nowhere near as honest as he likes to make out. I can’t really comment of the cycle as I’ve not seen it but I’ve run some pretty heavy cycles with very high HGH and slin use.

I want to add some tren to my next cycle. But I have read that this stuff can be pretty harsh on your mind. Can you please tell me why tren causes more mental issues compared to other steroids?

Now this is complex and to be honest some of the mechanisms are still unknown, however the effects have been noted. Tren like all nandrolones affect the d1 dopamine receptors. Tren has a more dramatic effect but remember this is a veterinary drug. It mutates sperm, effects cognitive ability as well as short term memory and there is growing evidence that it may have a direct effect on the kidneys, though this is unconfirmed.

I have only ever used cycles to bulk but I want to now cycle for a cut to keep hold of as much muscle as possible. Can you give me an idea on what would be a great cutting cycle for a moderate steroid user?

Steroids are not fat burners however high Estrogen will promote fat storage so this either needs to be tightly managed or choose drugs that do not aromatise. Also drugs with low water retentive properties will stop water retention blurring your results. Things like Anavar, tren, masteron, winstrol, etc

When using anadrol to start a bulk I have read that you should also use HCG, nolva and clomid. You take these to hold onto your gains and to lower cortisol. My question is if I am using anadrol alongside tren and cyp do I start the HCG, nolva and clomid even though I am using tren and cyp? If the answer is yes, how long would you dose for and to what mg?

You run HCG, clomid and nolva as a pct, it’s got nothing to do with running oxys. However, oxys do illicit a response from the Estrogen receptor so a serm like tamox / nolva is a good idea but it’s nothing to do with retaining gains more managing side effects. Post cycle a good solid pct (look up dr scallys power pct) with continued hard training will help.

Thanks for reading this latest episode. Visit our website regularly to read the latest episodes.

Please send any questions that you have for Dave to


Episode 5

Ask the Expert: Episode 5

Welcome to episode 5 of our “ask the expert” series with Dave Crosland.

When I am on cycle I up the amount of workout days, sets and reps. Everything is increased. But when I come off sticking with all this high volume is hard. Is it ok to drop the volume during PCT or is it best to do everything 100% the same as during cycle?

I’m not fan of upping volume whilst on cycle and prefer to up intensity which will come up anyway due to increased strength. I push hard on or off the difference is whilst off I just cannot push as hard as I can when I’m on. So as being on cycle increases my performance I don’t have to consciously increase my work load.

So to answer your question you should push as hard as you can on or off but I wouldn’t increase volume whilst on. Just intensity. Also training is supposed to be hard if it isn’t hard you’re not doing it right. The last thing you want to be doing during an off period is taking your foot of the gas. It’s crucial to keep intensity as high as possible to help retain the gains you have made.

What’s your thoughts on a avavar only cycle? I know it is expensive but a friend tells me it’s amazing for a recomp. Maybe you think another steroid is better for a recomp?

Nothing wrong with an Anavar only cycle and they can be productive. However, let me clarify something, there are no fat burning steroids or recomp steroids. Some promote less water retention so you get drier gains but that’s it, diet will be your biggest factor when trying to recomp.

I have seen some cycles on forums where they kick-start with an oral and run injectables alongside. Then they jump back on the orals towards the end. What does the finishing with more orals offer?

Nothing other than higher levels of hormone towards the end. People will sometimes drop injectables and finish off on orals, the idea being that as the orals dissipate in accordance with their half life the injectables keep levels elevated so that when you come off the orals. There is no period of time of diminishing hormones so when you stop you are hormone levels reduce very rapidly.

My hairline is receding and I really want to start a test cycle. Is there anything I can take to potentially save my hair whilst on test?

Yes, and no unfortunately if your prone to hair loss you are prone to it. However, the prevention of the conversion of testosterone to dht may help the situation, dht is a lot more potent than test. Preventing this conversion by using finasteride however this will also lower the overall effectiveness of your cycle. You can look at running drugs that are dht based, this way there is no conversion so you can manage doses more effectively.

Can you critique this cycle for me please? I’ve a handful of cycle under my belt I’m not a complete novice.

Weeks 1-10 300 mg Test e
Weeks 1-10 300 mg Deca
Weeks 13-16 50 mg Winny eod

Regarding your cycle I’m confused why you would leave a 3 week gap between your last shot and the start of the orals. If you’re going to do that I really don’t see the point of the orals. Running them during weeks 10-13, but not 13-16, but why not run them throughout?

I’m running a test/dbol cycle and I’m growing lots of hair out my back and shoulders. I hope this stops when I come off, will it?

Welcome to my world. Yes the hair growth will reduce when you come off.

Thanks Dave. If you have any questions that you would like answering please forward them to use at


Episode 3

Ask the Expert: Episode 3

How easier/hard is home brewing? I have heard that its 10x cheaper to go the homebrew route. I have been sold some bunk gear recently so this idea appeals.

To produce the basic drugs, it is relatively easy and requires very little apparatus however sterility is a big concern. Also its very easy to make a cake given the basic ingredients but it’s not so easy to make a good cake.

Once a cycle ends how soon would you say a cut can be undertaken. I am feeling really fat at the moment and want to come down. I now know my body fat was too high to cycle.

It takes roughly 8 weeks sometimes slightly more for your body to accept new tissue as permanent. Therefore, id avoid cutting straight off the back of a bulk and maintain for that period. However, there is nothing wrong with a slow tighten and recomp in that time.

What do you think about subq injections? Do they work as well as injecting into the muscle?

Absorption rate from sub q is unpredictable. Also fat has androgen receptors so you lose some of the hormone to fat based receptors. They should always be injected intramuscular in my opinion.

Can you suggest a few options for a first ever cycle. I know test e only is recommended on the boards but I am open to more suggestions.

Starter cycles you can look at oral only of say 40mg ed of tbol or dbol or even Anavar. 400- 500mg of test is common and to be honest imo your best bet. You can combine the two but I don’t feel that’s necessary.

I have been cruising and blasting for 18 months now and I feel it’s time I came off for a break. What type of PCT would you advise and what are the chances of a complete recovery?

After 18 months’ I’d look at running DR Scallys power pct. You may have to adjust the estrogen management depending if you’re coming off from the cruise or cycle part of your rotation. Regarding the chances on recovery that’s a very individual thing with a lot of influencing factors so it’s very difficult to say.


Episode 2

Ask the Expert: Episode 2

I have had 2 cycles of test e 500mg per week for 12 weeks and both went well. What would you advise be for a third cycle? Maybe keep the same amount of test and add an oral? Or could I lower the test and add an oral?

For your third cycle you have many options: you could run the same again. If you were happy with the results from your second cycle, then there isn’t really any reason to up the dose. Generally, you should increase when cycles stop being productive.

At the same time, you could quite comfortably add in another compound, either an oral or injectable (let’s say dbol or masteron). Ultimately, the decision is yours. But if you are still getting good responses, then there is no real reason to up the dose.

What is your thoughts on self-administered TRT doses for life? Mainly for quality of life purposes. Once I have kids this idea appeals to me; but I would like to know if there are any dangers and drawbacks.

Personally, I don’t think being dependant on anything for life is a particularly good idea. There is a lot of conflicting research regarding TRT. Some studies are saying that there are no health implications, while others are saying that there are. The biggest problem with self-treatment of TRT is the lack of testing and the tendency to take too much. Doctors tend to govern administration quite tightly, making sure you just get enough to replace natty production. When people self-administer, they tend to go too high with dosage and often end up with levels well over natty production level. Biggest areas of concern would be Estrogen management and cholesterol. And I can’t stress enough the importance of regular hormone testing.

I have a friend who says it is impossible to keep the gains made from steroids if you only ever stick to the one cycle. He believes that the body will slowly but surely lose all the muscle over time. I was thinking of doing just 1 steroid cycle to gain as much muscle as possible. I was hoping that if I ate perfectly and followed a well-planned PCT I could keep most of the muscle indefinitely. My plan doesn’t sound as appealing if my friend is correct. What’s yours views?

Ok, you’re always going to lose some gains. But studies have shown that people who have used a cycle of steroids carry more mass than someone who hasn’t (obviously given that they have continued training) and that even after a break from training, their potential for muscle mass is greater. Keeping all your gains would be different for each individual; but the biggest influencing factor would be how close you are to your genetic limit (the maximum amount of muscle you can carry naturally). The closer you are to that, the harder it is to maintain the increased muscle mass. Also, increases in muscle mass take a couple of months for your body to reset and fully accept them. The longer you stay at that level of mass, the harder your body will hold onto it. So you are going to drop some size (via loss of water and glycogen), but if you first cycle and you maintain it long enough for your body to accept it, then there is a good possibility you can retain quite a lot of it if your PCT is effective.

Steroids do come with dangers that is without dispute. But do you think that, if you cycle correctly, and cover all the bases, they are pretty much safe? If we don’t ABUSE steroids, then it’s not likely to cause any major issues later in life? If anything, shouldn’t steroids keep us fit and strong as we age?

Ok, let’s not beat around the bush here. All recreational use of anabolic steroids is abuse. They are not being used at either the doses or in the manner in which they were designed to be used, so it’s abuse. Having said that, some will abuse more than others. Now, you are correct: they are not safe; but yes, risks can be managed and, depending on the person, they can be managed quite effectively. However, there is no research into the real world effects of modern day steroid cycles on people, so it’s impossible to give a definitive answer. But, on the whole, it would appear that, with careful management, the risks can most certainly outweigh the benefits.

If any of you guys have any questions that you would like Dave to answer please forward them and we will do our best to get them answered.


Episode 4

Ask the Expert: Episode 4

Dave Crosland has kindly answered some questions from the Simply Anabolic community. Please read below.

I am pretty new to steroids and the injecting is not getting any easier for me. Are there any benefits to injecting test e twice a week instead of just once?

Yes, there are advantages to injecting more frequently even with long esters. It will help to stabilize blood plasma levels, meaning that the level of hormone within your blood stream will be more constant.

What do you think of SARMS? They are much safer but not as potent. Can you see these taking the place of steroids in the future?

SARMS were originally developed as it was thought that they would not cause shut downs. However, that is not the case, as they do suppress the natural hormone production. Most pharma companies are dropping their development as there is no need for them. They still cause shutdowns and aren’t as effective as steroids, so pretty pointless to be fair.

Many will take them between cycles saying that they felt great. Well, of course, they never actually recovered or came off a cycle; in reality, they did a type of cruise. Apart from their misguided popularity among people who train, I don’t think the pharma world will bother with them much longer. And no, they will never replace steroids.

Nolva and clomid are the go to for PCT, but nolva does sound pretty nasty on the possible side effects side of things. Can a pct consisting of just clomid do the trick?

I would say clomid is nastier on sides than nolva. To be honest, many users report severe depression when using clomid. A lot would depend on the preceding cycle but, for me, a PCT should almost always include HCG, clomid and nolva.

I want to start supplementing HGH year round to help with the bodybuilding and to keep me fresh as I age. How many ius per day would you say is the healthy limit before side effects begin to occur?

Side effects from HGH use can occur at any dose, especially with long term use. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that long term use can supress the thyroid so, at some point, a low dose t3 may be required. The nest issue is the quality of your gh as a lot is garbage and many generics like hyge etc, are inconsistent. If you use good quality growth hormone, I’d say 1 to 2iu ed or eod.

What is the best bulking cycle in your opinion for gaining lots of quality muscle?

Don’t think you can beat test and deca for bulking. It may be old school, but it works.

If all of my cycles last 12 weeks, how many weeks should I take off before the next one? I do 4 weeks PCT and then jump back 6 weeks later. Interested to hear your thoughts.

I’d usually say a couple of months clean. So you are not far off with 6 weeks. I’d push it to 8 myself, sometimes even longer. Don’t just jump back on because the calendar says so. If you are not ready for whatever reason, work commitments etc. then just hold off a bit longer until you can get as much as possible in place. Similarly, if you are going well without it, leave it until you need it.

If you have any questions send them over and we will do our best to have them answered.


Episode 1

Ask the Expert: Episode 1

When is the right time to consider your first steroid cycle? Many people start within months of visiting a gym. Should things like age, years of training, etc, be considered?

This is a very personal decision. For some people, there is never a ‘right time’. And though I can’t really give a specific age, I can give you a few pointers.

Our endocrine system is not fully developed until we are 24 years old, so any hormone disruption prior to this age is going to increase the risk of potential complications in this area. Having said that, the big danger zone is puberty. You definitely don’t want any exogenous hormones prior or during this period. The closer you get to 24, the lower the risks. Most people tend to start around 19-21 years of age and, though not ideal, problems appear to be minimal.

Now, regarding the training experience, this is where a lot jump the gun. If you’ve been training for 3 months, you are not ready for steroids. You have no real experience with dieting or training, and you definitely haven’t learned how to achieve the best response from your body. It would be like getting in a race car right after passing your test. You do not have the experience and knowledge to get the best out of it.

Try different training techniques, train with more experienced lifters, and even pay for sessions with various coaches to broaden your knowledge base and experiment with what works best for you. If you can’t feel a muscle working, then you really haven’t developed your training enough. Also, diet steroids don’t make you grow: food does. If you do not eat correctly, then you won’t make the best of the drugs. What’s more, an unhealthy diet is particularly damaging whilst on steroids due to the negative impact it has on your cholesterol levels.

It’s a triangle that includes food, training, and drugs.

If you don’t stimulate growth through training, no amount of drugs or food is going to help. If you don’t eat quality food, then again you are not going to have the basic building materials for growth. Now, increasing drugs will cover the holes in your diet and training, but only to a certain degree, and it surely makes more sense to use the minimal amount of potentially harmful drugs to achieve your goals. The longer you spend naturally tuning your diet and training, the better response you’ll have when you go on steroids.

Do you feel the media makes a bigger deal out of steroids than they really are? Are they as dangerous as portrayed?

Yes, the media does sensationalise the harms, but that’s not to say that steroids come without risks. They are potentially harmful and there is a long list of bodybuilders who would still be here if they hadn’t taken steroids. Can they lead to your death? Yes, most definitely. Fertility issues are one of the biggest problems we see in the modern user. Users permanently shut down their natural production. I do not feel time off is an option.

I feel it’s actually a necessity. If you drop loads of size when you come off, then it’s water. Or you’re doing it wrong. You need to educate yourself and you need to get blood works done pre, during, and post cycle. Also, you need to stop taking other drugs and minimize alcohol consumption. One poison in your body is bad enough without adding 2 or 3 more.

The media tends to focus on the worst case scenario, but you’ve got to remember that the respective case did happen.

On the bodybuilding forums most users are strongly against oral only cycles. Do you think these are pointless or is there a place for this? Is it ok maybe for a total beginner to learn and gain some experience? Or for someone who has a fear of needles?

Oral only cycles are far from useless and, for many, they represent their first experience with steroids. They are convenient, easy to store and – sometimes – hide. They obviously don’t require the use of a needle (which a lot of people struggle with). They are, however, also extremely stressful on the liver. In general, it is advisable to stick to 6-8 week cycles. But, again, a lot depends on your lifestyle and how health conscious you are in other areas. This is also why blood tests are important, as they allow you to track liver function/stress.

I am about to start a Test Enanthate only cycle. This will be my first every cycle. I am wondering if you would advise me to use HCG. If so, how should I take this? During or after the cycle? I will be using clomid and nolva for my PCT.

You have 2 choices: you can run HCG throughout your cycle at a low dose of 250-500iu twice a week, or as a blast post cycle. HCG restores the testicular mass. When you go on cycle, your balls stop working and, as a result, they shrink. When you try and turn everything back on post cycle, your balls are too small to produce enough testosterone.

If you run HCG throughout, they will maintain their testicular mass throughout the cycle. If you run HCG post as a blast, then they restore it. So it’s really just down to personal choice. But it definitely should be part of your PCT.

I have found some old tren that is a year over its use by date. Is it ok to use?

Most lab dates are made up, so they aren’t a brilliant indicator. However, over time, the hormone degrades and so can the carrier oil, depending on how it has been stored. So it is advisable to replace it.

Thanks for the answers Dave. If you have any questions that you would like to put to Dave please forward them and we will do our best to have them answered.