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PCT - Simply Anabolics

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy): Is crucial for anyone finishing a anabolic steroid cycle to help maintain muscle gains

PCT is just as important as the cycle itself in many bodybuilders opinions. Read on and learn why this is.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a gym rat or compete in another type of sport, you’re probably constantly looking to get an extra edge.

Whether it’s honing your physique, making recovery easier or boosting your endurance, there’s lots of drugs and supplements which can make a very significant to performance, such as anabolic steroids and SARMs.

There’s a wide variety of compounds and here at Simply Anabolics, we’ve got an extensive library on the different drugs and their effects.

However, the one thing that many users don’t stop to properly consider is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) which is just as essential. And just like steroids and SARMs, we’ve got that covered too.

Understanding when to use PCT

No-one wants to pile more supplements into them than strictly necessary, particularly as it can work out extremely expensive. But PCT is not a luxury, it’s a critical part of the cycle for some types of drugs.

Anabolic steroids and certain other types of drugs (usually to a lesser degree) suppress the natural production of testosterone and this can lead to unwanted symptoms such as shrunken testicles and a low sex drive.

Unless testosterone production returns to normal following a cycle, there can be permanent side effects.

PCT is not intended to directly replace the testosterone, but instead stimulates the body to increase natural production. This allows testosterone levels to bounce back far more quickly than if left to the body’s own devices. Prolonged testosterone suppression can not only be unpleasant but there’s a greater risk that permanent damage will be caused. Supporting your body to return to healthy levels of production more quickly significantly reduces the risk to the endocrine system.

We have the complete guide to PCT and the use of SERMs, such as, HCG, Nolvadex and Clomid: all the information you need, quickly and conveniently from a source you know you can trust.

Other benefits to PCT

Following a steroid cycle, hormone levels can quickly become unbalanced, leading to an excess of cortisol and estrogen in comparison to the testosterone. If not addressed, this can lead to the loss of the newly formed muscle tissue, completely eradicating the effects of the recent cycle.

By helping kick-start the body’s own production of testosterone, PCT can help to protect the lean mass and retain more of the gains made.

Our collection of reference articles explains the different types of PCT, and how to use each drug. Check out our PCT guides for free online here at Simply Anabolics, the expert source you can rely on for honest, accurate information.