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Ask The Expert Episode 12 - Simply

Episode 12

Episode 12 of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

Is it possible to cause permanent damage from a dbol only cycle? I did 50mg a week for 10 weeks and I finished my pct 2 months ago now. I now feel as if I can’t hold an erection like I could before. I’m wondering if the fact that I’m worrying is either causing it or making it worse.

Damage is quite a vague term so to be more specific, if you’re asking whether the cycle could have caused a permanent shutdown, the answer is that yes, it’s possible. However, this usually only occurs if you had a pre-existing problem prior to starting the dbol.

The type of PCT could also be a factor; if it wasn’t sufficient it may be that it hasn’t been effective which is why recovery has been delayed. Unfortunately, the only way to be certain about what’s going on is to go and get your hormones tested. Medichecks offer a good service which doesn’t cost a fortune. If you can try to stop worrying it will help as stress could exacerbate the problem.

What’s your opinion on tren? Is it something you have had success with? People rave about the stuff.

Tren is a very powerful and effective drug but it is also quite harsh, so it is down to the individual whether they feel the rewards outweigh the risks. The other problem is that it is a very expensive product to produce which results in a lot of it being either under dosed or fake. This obviously doesn’t affect every purchase of tren but it’s one of the drugs where issues with purchases are seen more regularly. Think very carefully before you start this drug and do your homework as there is a very real potential for things to go wrong.

If I cruise on 200mg test a week how much HCG should I take to keep the testes working? We’re hoping to have another child so this is something that’s important to us both.

For a genuine trt cruise, 200mg is too high; you’d generally need to take no more than around 100mg a week. Secondly, no matter how much HCG you take it isn’t going to keep everything working whilst on gear, it will only maintain testicular mass. It’s possible to keep them turning over but this normally following a period of full functioning. If you’ve come straight from a cycle to a cruise, you’ll be completely shut down and would need to run a pct to restore production first. Only then could you run 100iu hcg eod during your cycle/cruise. However, if you run 100iu eod post cycle during cruise it’s not really going to have the impact you want but if you go much higher you will desensitize the Leydig cells which can have catastrophic longer term results. An alternative is HMG which is very effective for fertility.

What’s the longest cycle you have done? Are you a fan of short or long cycles and why?

In the past, I’ve been on for 4 years but that was due to stupidity! It’s not a good idea and not something I’d recommend. I prefer 12 week cycles; I’ve been longer when I did Under Construction 1 and 2 but overall 12 week cycles are the optimal length.