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SR9009 (Stenabolic is a Powerful SARM That Is Very Popular Amongst Athletes + Widely Used) - Simply Anabolics

SR9009 (Stenabolic): A revolutionary SARM that enhances fat loss and endurance as well as other amazing benefits


SR9009 (Stenabolic) is an outstanding supplement that is becoming more and more popular each day.

This is because it is such an effective and powerful SARM. You are about to learn why this is exactly.

Also known in the market as Stenabolic, it was developed by Professor Thomas Burris and his team at Scripps Research Institute.

SR9009 is a very unique compound as it has the ability to influence a wide range of mechanisms within the body including fat storage, metabolism of glucose and circadian rhythms. This makes it a very valuable drug to the bodybuilding community because it simultaneously promotes endurance and fat loss.

It’s worth mentioning that although this is often grouped with SARMs, technically it’s a slightly different type of drug. As a Rev-Erba ligand, the SR9009 joins to the protein, increasing its activity. This leads to an increase in the mitochondria in the muscles, with damaged mitochondria being removed and replaced.

Many SARMs and related compounds have revolutionized the approach to bodybuilding, providing similar benefits to anabolic steroids without many of the side effects. This drug offers benefits similar to Cardarine, but with an extra level of potency and additional actions too.

sr9009 (stenabolic) chemical structure

Therapeutically, it has lots of potential uses, including for diabetes where it can be used to control both glucose and triglyceride levels. And for older patients suffering from sarcopenia, SR9009 could also be the next line of treatment.

Tackling obesity should always involve healthy eating and exercise but there are some cases where the latter simply isn’t possible. This compound offers a way of supplanting exercise in those who can’t work out for medical reasons. This could prevent obesity-related complications from developing, a very significant problem in the US today.

Best Place to Buy SR9009 in 2019

The best place to buy this SARM is from a brand called Proven Peptides. This brand has a superb reputation and has been in the business for many years.

They have hundreds of positive reviews online which is a great sign of quality products.

I have personally used this SARM from all of the major brands and I found Proven Peptides gave me the best gains.

They also have published lab testing results which proves that the SARMs they are manufacturing are both real and correctly dosed.

Always buy from brands that have lab testing results published to avoid the risk of buying fake or underdosed SARMs.

I advise that you buy directly from the official website to eliminate the risk of purchasing a fake product from a third party seller.

If you click on the image below it will forward you to the official website.

SR9009 sidebarSR9009 Stack info

This is a strong enough drug to be taken solo for a cycle while still providing significant results. However, it is very compatible with a range of other drugs for those who really want to maximize the possible benefits.

A Cardarine and SR9009 stack will be very potent, but it can also stack well with any other anabolic steroid or SARM.

How it is administered

It has an oral bioavailability which means that it is not injected but swallowed. This is a huge benefit due to the number of times it must be taken every day.

SR9009 Dosage info

The optimal dosage of this drug has been identified as around 30-40mg per day. The protocol for dosage depends on how much you’re taking and is linked to the very short half-life (see below).

Half-life info

While a short half-life can be useful if you don’t want the drug to show in your system for a long time, the extremely brief half-life means that it must be dosed several times a day.

When the dose is in the region of 30mg per day, dosing 5mg every 2 hours (6 times per day) is recommended. For a 40mg dose, it’s possible to reduce the frequency, taking 10mg every 3-4 hours.


SR9009 is often dubbed as “exercise in a bottle” so it’s perfect for any cutting cycle. If you’re trying to get shredded and lean, the improved endurance means that you’ll be able to train for longer even if your calorific intake is low.

This, together with the natural fat loss properties of this compound, means that it’s much easier to improve your body fat percentage.

During a cutting cycle, it can be tricky to hang on to mass. However, Stenabolic naturally creates muscle (even without exercise) so even if you’re aren’t consuming as many calories and are focusing more on cardiovascular exercise, you won’t shed too much bulk.


Although the drug is superb for cutting, it is also useful for bulking.

Although SR9009 encourages lean muscle mass to accumulate, it also boosts the body’s endurance. Studies showed that mice could run 50% longer and faster, a huge increase in stamina.  Being able to exercise for longer means that it’s possible to train harder and more intensively, which in turn also contributes to building better quality muscles and sheer mass.

SR9009 sidebarPositive effects

Without the addition of SR9009, the body’s metabolism fluctuates, constantly peaking and dipping according to activity. This drug has the effect of making the body act like it’s exercising all of the time, by increasing the basal metabolic rate. Even in periods of no activity at all, the metabolic rate is raised by 5%.

All excess calories are burned up and not stored as fat, and glucose is metabolized more effectively. And unlike certain other compounds, it doesn’t act as an appetite suppressant. All of these actions reduce the amount of fat and stop more from accumulating.

But not only does it prevent fat from being stored in the body, it even creates improved musculature, just like following exercise.

Endurance increases too, allowing longer and harder training, which also contributes to better muscle mass and lower fat levels.

Potential SR9009 side effects

At the moment, no real side effects are being noticed with SR9009 but this could just be because the drug is very new and still being researched.

However, the early signs are certainly promising and it has the potential to be a compound which is very safe.

What can be said is that it doesn’t respond to the aromatase enzyme so there won’t be any of the hormonal side effects such as gyno, male pattern baldness or bloating. Most SARMs are tolerated extremely well so it’s entirely plausible that the side effects of this drug are scant.


At present, no real contraindications have been identified but it is known that SR9009 has an effect on the clotting time. It should therefore only be used following advice from a physician in anyone who has a history of clotting or bleeding disorders.

Because the longer-term effects are not yet fully known, caution is advised for anyone with a history of heart problems, psychiatric disorders, cerebrovascular disease or prostate complaints.

This drug has not yet been demonstrated as safe for use in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is it safe for women to use?

SR9009 does not virilize so there aren’t the same problems that are present with many anabolic steroids.

But although there are no current indications that SR9009 is not safe for women, a lot more research still needs to be carried out into the possible side effects. Caution is therefore recommended.

Will PCT be required?

SR9009 will not affect hormone production so following a cycle you won’t need PCT. The exception to this is if you run a stack with other drugs such as anabolic steroids.

Legality of purchase and its usage in the US

In the US, the FDA has strict rules about which drugs can be purchased and those that require a prescription may not be obtained without a legitimate medical cause.

However, at the time of writing, SR9009 had not received FDA approval for human use and needs to go through a number of further phasing before a license will be granted. This doesn’t mean that it’s not available to buy though.

This can be readily found for sale thanks to a loophole in the US law. This allows individuals to buy this drug providing it is for the purposes of research. Bought on this basis, there is no federal penalty for possession of the drug.