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YK11 (Possibly The Strongest SARM in the Market + Very Popular For Good Reason) - Simply Anabolics

YK11: Possibly the strongest SARM in the market. This is very popular amongst athletes for good reason


YK11 is a very powerful SARM. Possibly the strongest out of them all.

Today you will learn everything you will ever need on this amazing SARM.

Anabolic steroids have been in use for many decades but the side effects that accompany them make them a challenging choice for many.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators – also known as SARMs – are the new breed of drugs, offering many of the benefits of anabolic steroids but without so many potentially dangerous side effects.

YK11 is one of the newest drugs on the market, offering a powerful alternative to anabolic steroids. The drug is one of the latest discoveries in the SARMs group, only properly identified in 2011 by Yuichiro Kanno. After going on to publish the results of his research, this drug was identified as having the potential for very considerable benefits.

However, because the drug is so new, it has not yet gone through the rigorous testing required to determine whether it’s fully safe for humans. None of the published research includes testing on either humans or animals. Nevertheless, despite the fact it’s a relatively unknown compound, it has already drawn a dedicated following in the bodybuilding industry.

Best Place to Buy YK11 in 2019

Our thorough testing of the top brands has shown that the best company to buy YK11 from is called Proven Peptides.

This company has a solid reputation and has been in business for a number of years now, which is always a good sign. They have hundreds of positive reviews online which shows that they must be producing quality SARMs.

This company is one of only a handful that has recent lab testing reports published. These lab test reports prove that the products they are selling are real and correctly dosed.

Always avoid buying from companies that do not have these important reports to avoid the risk of buying a fake or inferior product.

I have personally used this SARM from all of the top brands and I found that Proven Peptides gave me the best gains.

It’s best to purchase directly from the official website to avoid buying a fake product from rogue third-party sellers. The image below will take you directly to the official sales page.

Yk11 sidebar

YK11 Stack info

Like any of the SARMs, a stack is a great way of amplifying and complementing the actions of YK11. However, this is a very powerful compound, arguably the most of any SARM, with such similarities to anabolic steroids that some have argued it should be treated as such.

The research on this drug is still in its infancy and as such not enough is known about any potential interactions with other drugs. It’s therefore recommended to run a cycle of this SARM on its own rather than in a large stack until more is known about the effects.

How it is administered

SARMs, including YK 11, are not hepatotoxic as they are not methylated. This plus the fact that YK11 has a high level of oral bioavailability means that it can be ingested rather than injected.

YK11 Dosage info

Although studies have been completed, further research is still required. Nevertheless, the drug can be purchased through certain sources.

picture of the chemical structure of yk11

For men, a maximum dose of 2-5mg twice a day should be taken for optimal results.

Half-life info

The half-life of YK11 is very short which is why a twice-daily regime is recommended for the best results. Early suggestions indicate that the half-life would be in the region of 6-10 hours.


YK11 actually increases the ability to generate muscle so is often used within a bulking cycle but it can also help during cutting too. This is because it will only add lean mass and not just bulk. Therefore, it can prevent the loss of muscle which can occur when caloric intake is slashed making it ideal for cutting cycles.


Although still in its infancy, the potential uses for YK11 on a bulking cycle are almost limitless. Early indications suggest that this could be the strongest SARMs to hit the market providing the greatest potential for adding sheer muscle.

The compound works by inhibiting the action of myostatin on the muscle which in turn allows for far superior muscle growth.

Positive effects

The biggest benefit of YK11 is undoubtedly the fact that it can change the body’s ability to generate muscle, increasing the amount of muscle which can be added.

This occurs because it inhibits the production of myostatin, a compound which reduces muscle growth. Without the myostatin impairing the muscle’s ability to grow, the body is able to add lean tissue much more easily.

The effect on muscular growth is so profound that the effect of this drug can be said to be comparable to testosterone, far exceeding the more limited androgenic effect that other SARMs produce.

Because it generates more muscle cells and strips away inhibiting factors, it can help individuals to exceed their own natural genetic ability to add muscle. Therefore, this compound can provide a big boost to individuals who would otherwise have a much more limited stature.

In addition to these very powerful muscle-building effects, YK11 can deliver the other benefits that SARMs typically provide such as fat loss, improving strength and increasing the ability to recover more quickly.

Potential YK11 side effects

Although SARMs are powerful drugs, they don’t carry the same range of side effects that you’d expect from an equivalent anabolic steroid.

Hair loss, liver toxicity and acne are all often concerns with steroids, particularly those of an androgenic variety but these side effects don’t occur with YK11.

This is because although it affects the androgen receptors, their interaction is far more selective than with anabolic steroids. This is what helps to produce the desired effects while still avoiding the majority of the undesirable consequences.

If taken in high doses, YK11 has the ability to increase aggression but at the suggested dosage this should not be an issue.

Yk11 sidebarContraindications

More information is required to identify whether there are any major contraindications. However, what is known is that there is no adverse effect on prostate growth so the use of YK11 may be possible when other drugs are precluded.

Is it safe for women to use?

Although YK11 is arguably the strongest SARM identified to date, it has a very low related androgenic effect. This means that the unwanted side effects such as male pattern baldness in men, and virilization in women is not so much of an issue.

For this reason, women are able to take YK 11 and it’s unlikely that virilization will occur, providing the recommended dosage is adhered to. For women, this means taking no more than 0.5-2.0mg twice a day.

Will PCT be required?

SARMs don’t have the same impact on the production of testosterone that anabolic steroids have, so the potential for the luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body to be affected is far less.

Nevertheless, SARMs can still suppress the production of testosterone and without any PCT, it can take much longer for the body to bounce back. It can also be much harder to hang onto gains and keep fat off; PCT can help retain the body you gained on the cycle for longer.

For this reason, it’s widely suggested that at least a mini-PCT is carried out following a SARMs cycle. Although much still needs to be learnt about YK11, the same PCT is advised as for other powerful SARMs.

Legality of purchase and its usage in the US

Although this and other SARMs produce effects which are very similar to steroids, the law does not treat them in the same way, leaving a rather grey area.

You won’t find YK11 in any kind of supplements that you can buy over the counter and if sold in that way, the compound would be breaching the law. However, SARMs can be purchased legally as research drugs, leaving a route open for legal sales.