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Ask The Expert Episode 8 - Simply

Episode 8

Episode 8 of “Ask the Expert” featuring Dave Crosland.

I bought a steroid cycle many months ago which included 2 vials of HCG. Both are just small glass bottles with white powder at the bottom. What am I to do with these? I think I need bacterial water? Another thing is there is no measurements on the vial so I am unsure how id determine the dose. I am going to use this with test e 500mg for 12 weeks. Should I start the HCG as soon as I start the test and when should I stop? I would have asked the supplier but he has gone missing so would you mind helping please.

HCG can be used during cycle or post, its pretty much down to personal preference. If during you won’t need it at the end as it prevents testicular atrophy. If used post cycle its restores testicular mass. It comes in 1500iu, 2500iu and 5000iu vials so you need to know the size of the vials you have. Yes, you mix it with bio water. Keep it refrigerated once mixed during cycle. 250iu twice a week post cycle would depend on the PCT you are running.

Any tips for pinning for the first time ever?

Do it slowly and don’t stress. Even better is to get someone to do it for you. Make sure everything is clean and don’t panic.

Mixing orals with alcohol is a huge no because of stress to the liver. How soon after finishing orals can I drink again? Once the half life of the oral has ended is it then ok to commence heavy drinking or best wait it out for longer?

It’s never ok to commence heavy drinking. Alcohol reduces natty test by up to 50% and can take 3 days to recover. It severely dehydrates you. It reduces protein synthesis and increases the aromatisation of test, thus increasing your Estrogen levels. It also increases the production of myostatin which reduces muscle growth.

I plan on running some growth when I have the funds. What are your own experiences using HCG? Did it push you through any plateaus? What type of weight did you gain?

Huge water retention lol no it didn’t push me through any plateaus but then when I used it, it was part of a very large and complex drug protocol. It’s difficult to attribute results down to hgh as I was running so much gear etc. You will see a rapid weight gain initially and be a lot fuller but this is water.

Depending how you run it, low doses will improve well-being and lower fat levels but it’s a long term thing for results. Higher doses will look more towards muscle mass but you will feel very tired all the time and start experiencing joint pain. Don’t think of GH as something that grows muscles think of it as a recovery aid and laying the foundation for cellular growth.

For someone for is prone to gyno what should they do before they cycle? What is needed to cover the bases?

Look for non-aromatising drugs or use an ai and a serm but not letro, unless you have exhausted every other option as its very powerful and does more harm than good. Just remember when using an ai you’ll get rebound when you stop so run the serm for longer to cover this.

What would you say is the most potent cycle? 30mg dbol ed + 250mg test e PW or 500mg test e PW?

500mg of test e is more powerful but not because dbol is poor but because 250mg pw isn’t really enough full stop. It will cause shut down but stable levels are not going to be massively high compared to natty levels.

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