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Cardarine (GW-501516 Is A Premium SARM That Provides Solid Results To Its Users) - Simply Anabolics

GW-501516 (Cardarine): This is known for its amazing fat burning and endurance effects


Cardarine (GW-501516) is a highly popular supplement for good reason.

Today you will learn why that is and how this SARM works, the best place to buy and a host of other things.

Cardarine is often grouped with selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) but technically it is something known as a PPAR receptor agonist. The compound was originally developed in 1992 as a joint enterprise between pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand, but the application to the FDA was dropped when a possible link to cancer was found.

Prior to this, the scientists had discovered that Cardarine SARM binds to the PPAR receptor, which altered the gene activity responsible for the expenditure of energy. In other words, it activates the same pathways in the body which are in use when the body is exercising.

The initial concept was to identify a product for cardiovascular disease, and Cardarine certainly seemed to fit the bill.

As well as decreasing LDL, increasing HDL and protecting against diabetes, it also boasts some incredible fat burning qualities too. Taking this drug changes the way the body metabolizes nutrients, promoting glucose uptake and reducing the amount of fat stored.

picture of cardarine molecule

The compound is still available for legal purchase, but not for use as a supplement, or for consumption in any form.

Best Place to Buy Cardarine in 2019

Our extensive testing of the top brands has shown that the best place to purchase this SARM is from a company called Proven Peptides.

This company has been in business for many years and have hundreds of positive reviews online. They have a great reputation within the supplement community.

I have used many different brands of this SARM and I found that this brand gave me the best gains.

They have all-important lab testing results which prove that they are selling genuine Cardarine and that it is dosed correctly.

Be aware that most companies do not have lab testing results. My advice is to avoid these companies as they are most likely selling fake or underdosed SARMs.

It’s best to purchase from the official website to avoid buying a fake from a third party seller. The image below will take you directly to the official website.

Cardarine sidebarCardarine Stack info

This drug works well as part of either a steroid or SARMs cycle and is a great addition, complementing other actions and enhancing the results.

Because it is virtually free of all side effects, Cardarine can be stacked with a great range of other drugs and supplements without causing unwanted interactions.

In fact, using it can even help to counteract some of the unwanted effects, particularly with trenbolone. Some of the side effects of trenbolone include lack of cardiovascular endurance and shortness of breath; this drug can help to counteract this.

How it is administered

Results are obtained through administration of the compounds via an oral route, typically in liquid form. The consensus is that the most effective method is to squirt the dose directly into the mouth and then immediately follow with a mouthful of water or juice.

Cardarine Dosage info

Taking a dose of around 10-15mgs per day on an eight-week cycle will deliver improvements in endurance and stamina as well as fat loss.

However, for athletes looking to maximize the benefits, a dose of 20mg for up to 12 weeks is recommended.

Half-life info

The half-life of Cardarine supplement is 20-24 hours which means that it only needs to be taken once per day. Some athletes prefer to use a divided dose method, taking half in the morning and the other half later in the day.

Use in sports

Because of its performance-enhancing benefits, GW501516 has been highly sought after within sport, but in 2009 WADA added it specifically to its list of banned substances. Prior to this date it was still not permitted but was considered to be part of the generic group of drugs which affect genes.

WADA now have a test which can check for GW 501516 results, making the drug easier to track. Athletes who are subject to testing should be aware of the regulations relating to the use, and the potential penalties.


This is where this SARM really excels because its fat burning qualities are almost unrivalled.

When under consideration by GSK, the drug was being assessed for use in the fight against obesity, because it shed fat even without a restricted diet. The really interesting part for bodybuilders is that Cardarine achieved this without demonstrating any simultaneous catabolic effect, thus creating a performance-enhancing drug which cuts beautifully without any muscle loss.


Although results are most often associated with fat loss, the drug can be a real asset to a bulking stack.

Because of its ability to cut fat while protecting muscle mass, it is also very beneficial to any bulking stack. The Cardarine fat loss actions help to prevent bulk from being too soft or puffy, while simultaneously helping to preserve and promote muscle gains.

Strengthening and recomping

For those who are in the right shape to consider recomping, Cardarine stacked with Ostarine and Andarine will provide excellent results.

Cardarine sidebarIf you’re looking to pile on huge quantities of muscle while recouping you might want to look at bulking and strengthening instead. Recomping isn’t the right approach for anyone who needs to add serious mass and no stack will be properly effective to achieve this.

Positive effects

Cardarine is a drug which is good for your health in lots of different ways. From purely a health perspective you can expect your cholesterol to be lower, your risk of developing diabetes to fall and better cardiovascular health.

For athletes, it provides far superior endurance, providing the capacity to train longer and harder, leading to quicker lean muscle gains. It is also an incredible fat burning compound, achieving this result without depleting the muscles.

Potential Cardarine side effects

Compared to anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, SARMs side effects are minor. In extensive studies carried out, Cardarine side effects were shown to be virtually non-existent with no adverse reactions.

One study appeared to show that side effects included the growth of cancer cells but on further inspection, the results could be considered misleading. The study which was carried out on mice included 1000 times the recommended dose, taken over a prolonged period of time.

As no individual would be taking such an inflated level of GW-501516, there is debatable value attached to this particular study. Nevertheless, despite the criticism of this study, it was sufficient for GSK to drop the project so shouldn’t be dismissed completely.

In all other studies, Cardarine has not produced any discernible side effects.


Because it has never been approved or licensed for use in humans, no contraindications have ever been listed.

However, because of the link with cancer, it would be prudent for anyone with a strong family history of cancer, a history of cancer themselves or any kind of condition which involves the uncontrolled growth of tumors or cells to avoid taking Cardarine.

Is it safe for women to use?

SARMs for women are much easier to find than anabolic steroids because in many cases there’s not the same risk of virilization.

There is no androgenic action whatsoever, so that means that the usual virilization risks simply don’t exist.

Will PCT be required?

Cardarine causes no suppression of the natural production of testosterone so there is no need for PCT, regardless of how long the SARMs cycle is.

Legality of purchase and its usage in the US

For sale for use as a supplement can’t be found legally in the US as it’s never been passed as safe for human consumption due to GSK ceasing research.

However, as mentioned above, it is possible to buy Cardarine in the US, UK, and Europe because it’s available to purchase for the purposes of research.

As it’s never been made available for human consumption and is not recognized as a legitimate drug, it does not currently have any penalties affixed to the purchase or possession.

This is in stark contrast to the penalties for using, distributing and even possessing anabolic steroids, another reason why some bodybuilders are opting for this compound instead.