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Ask The Expert Episode 9 - Simply

Episode 9

Episode 9 of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

Is it possible to not gain fat during PCT? Can you give some tips on how to keep the fat off during pct please? If we cut calories we lose muscle. Perfect world is no fat gain and hold onto as much muscle as possible.

Of course it is but even if you do gain a little just sit with it for a month or so then look at dieting because your body needs time to accept new tissue. If you diet straight of the back of a bulking cycle you will drop muscle tissue. It’s all down to keep your diet tight and pushing hard throughout the PCT instead of letting your foot of the gas.

I am on a tbol only cycle and my left nipple feels a little odd. Slightly tender. At what point should someone start nolva to combat nipple problems. Some of this may be in my head but it’s best to know what to do and when to do it.

Tbol doesn’t aromatise so it is in your head, you do not require nolva unless of course you haven’t got tbol and have been sold dbol instead.

I want bigger arms so do you think training them twice per week is ok? I ask this question from a natty and on cycle perspective.

Yes, I do I’m a great believer in low volume, high intensity and high frequency.

I frequent lots of steroid forums and they bash anyone that mentions dbol only cycles. They say that you will blow up with water and then lose it all once the cycle ends. Do you agree with this? Maybe if you lowered the dose per day but took the dbol for a longer period of time would help some?

Dbol does have a tendency to cause water retention that is true. Careful Estrogen management will mitigate this to some degree and the addition of antihistamines may help too. But even with water retention it doesn’t mean the cycle will be less effective. Dbol is a good solid compound with a track record of providing good gains. I think some of the problem is people mistake water retention for gains and when they stop and drop the water they assume they are losing muscle when this is not the case.

When I cut weight I always do it with intermittent fasting and keto. I find that with keto I don’t really get hungry which is a huge plus for me. But boy do I look forward to my weekly carb up. Anavar is great drug for cutting. It helps burn fat around the belly. My question is anavar and keto ok together. Will the anavar just as effectively as if there were carbs?

Ok let’s get a few things straight, Anavar is not a fat burner and secondly it doesn’t target fat around the stomach. Anavar provides dry lean gains so diminishing water levels can make the user appear leaner. Now with regards to whether it will work in a keto environment I am assuming you mean as a fat burner. Well as I’ve said it isn’t one so keto will not affect it as it doesn’t do it. It will still help with lean gains though. What you’re going to gain in a ketogenic environment is difficult to say but it would be restricted.

Real anavar is hard to get hold of. My supplier has some 50mg per tab anavar. I feel like 50mg must surely be fake! Have you ever encountered legit anavar 50mg tabs?

Yes, they are quite common.

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