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Ask The Expert Episode 11 - Simply

Episode 11

Episode 11 of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

Hiya Dave. Do you mind telling me how long I should way between oral only cycles? I have been told so many different things so I’d love your opinion. Is 8 weeks the max cycle length for them?   Also my girlfriend wants to start a cycle of some sorts. Am I right in thinking anavar only is a good place to start? If so how much per day? Any advice for my girl would be great thanks.

Ok I’d say a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks’ drug free post pct. Personally I like to take 3 months off, oral cycle length can vary massively as certain orals are seriously nasty while others are a lot milder than people give them credit for. Regards your lady I’d say 10-20mg per day to start.

Why have new steroids stopped being created. All the bread and butter compounds have been around decades now. You’d think they would be appearing much more frequently.

Hormones are hormones, there are over 250 registered steroids. They have their limitations within medical use which is why development of medicinal drugs has moved into other areas like peptides. Drug development costs millions and takes years. Companies are not going to invest that sort of money without a good medicinal market for the product.

Why does deca shut you down so bad? I am thinking to maybe add some of this to my next test cycle but I want to know what causes such bad shutdown from it.

Because it converts to DHN which displaces DHT at the receptor causing erectile issues.

I thought test is supposed to make me feel like a god!? I am 5 weeks into a test e 600mg ew cycle and I feel run down and lethargic. Can test actually do this?

Yes, your body isn’t coping with the high hormone levels reduce your doses.

My blood pressure is much higher now on my dbol cycle. Should I make an effort to lower it or will there be no harm done from having high blood pressure for 6 weeks?

You need to reduce it because high bp is never good and can severely damage the kidneys.

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