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DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol): A very toxic and dangerous drug which no person should ever use


One of the most powerful drugs on the market, DNP (also known as dinitrophenol) is a synthetic product used for fat burning. However, although it is unparalleled for its fat burning ability, it is also considered one of the most dangerous supplements on the underground market.

First discovered around the turn of the century, by 1930 it had become the first official fat burning drug available in the US. Its remarkable ability to burn off fat was seized upon, with around 100,000 people using it during the short period it was on the market.

By 1938, the extreme dangers of this drug had become clear, with deaths and complications ensuing from the use. It was withdrawn by the FDA and remains a drug which is not available for legal use.

It was briefly rejuvenated during the 1980s after it was discovered that the Soviet Union  had been utilizing its thermogenic properties for soldiers in extremely cold conditions. Around 14,000 prescriptions for DNP diet pills were handed out in weight loss clinics by Dr Nicholas Bachynsky before he was sent to jail for unrelated offenses.

Should DNP be taken on its own?

DNP pills are such a strong drug there’s no need to stack it with steroids or other supplements which will put the body under greater strain. The fat loss achieved will be substantial and adding extra compounds such as anabolic steroids, or additional thermogenic fat burners could push the body beyond what it is able to tolerate.

For this reason, a DNP cycle shouldn’t include any other performance enhancing drugs.

Stacking info (with steroids or other supplements)

Despite the fact that DNP is best taken without other drugs, it is recommended to take a number of supplements or complementary compounds during a cycle.

A DNP cycle should contain all of the following:

  • Aspirin, caffeine and ephedrine for appetite suppression and to boost energy levels
  • A good multivitamin
  • Additional anti-oxidants (because DNP increases free radicals)
  • Cytomel or Tiromel (T3) should be added from around Day 3 to counteract the natural reduction.

Some sources suggest adding Benadryl in to control the “allergic” response that many individuals experience (typically a rash on the torso). But this rash is not related to histamines but instead is the body warning that a toxin has been ingested.

How is it administered

DNP is administered orally, via capsules which are taken for a cycle lasting approximately 2-3 weeks.

Dosage info

The typical dosage for DNP stands at around 2mg per kilo of bodyweight with more experienced users taking up to 5mg per kilo of bodyweight. However, this formula can be deceptive because research has shown that the more fat there is in the body, the lower the effective dose of DNP which is required. This means there could be two users who weigh the same, but due to their body fat ratio need to take a very different dose.

The risks of DNP are well known and death can occur very quickly. However, it’s worth pointing out that the body’s tolerance to the drug can be very variable and just because the first few doses went OK, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any further ill effects. DNP is notorious for suddenly causing problems, even if the dosage initially appears to be well tolerated.

Half life info

The half life of DNP is relatively short at just 36 hours, much briefer than some of the long esters attached to anabolic steroids.

Nevertheless, if you are struck by some of the nastier side effects such as overheating, rapid heart rate and shortness of breath, this will still seem like a very long time. For that reason, it’s essential to be very cautious over the dosage.

The other difficulty is that the drug is absorbed by the fat and soft tissues within the body so to be completely rid of any ill effects could take several weeks or longer.

Positive effects

DNP slimming pills are used to get rid of surplus fat and the results which can be achieved are far superior to any other compound available.

The particularly unusual feature of DNP is that it is able to get rid of pure fat, rather than shedding muscle and lean body tissue. While taking the drug it’s possible to lose 1lb of fat per day: no muscle, no lean tissue, just pure fat. And this is the reason why so many people are willing to risk suffering the side effects.

Research has also shown that the weight lost with the help of DNP is often well sustained, and avoids the frequent yo-yoing effect that fat burning drugs can create.

To benefit from the substantial advantages that DNP offers and minimize the chances of side effects, it’s vital to keep intake of electrolytes and fluids high during the cycle. This helps to reduce dehydration and reduces the heat stress on the body.

Potential side effects

For anabolic steroids, the risks of taking the drug are often overblown by the popular press with many cases of complications caused by careless or irresponsible use. However, this is not the case with DNP.

Officially classified as an industrial chemical, DNP is a toxin. It is used in photographic development, as an insecticide, a fungicide and is present in dyes.

Even the most careful user is risking their life by taking this drug. It is well known for being particularly unpredictable, and can be lethal even when taken as recommended by the experts. Death typically arises due to uncontrollable and rapid increase in the core body temperature.

Other symptoms which may be experienced include intensive sweating, water retention, lethargy, yellowing of bodily fluids, nausea, insomnia, hunger pangs, depletion of electrolytes, dehydration, shortness of breath and a drop in the production of T3 and insulin.

This drop in the blood count can totally wipe out the immune system, leaving individuals more vulnerable to viruses. In extreme cases this can lead to a coma, with death following.

Heavy sweating may not sound like particularly severe side effect but this is so intensive, many users have to throw their mattress away afterwards.

The risks of DNP are so great that it can cause death after just a few days of use. Some individuals who take it may be lucky enough to suffer no lasting effects, but make no mistake, this is one drug which is a huge gamble.

Liver toxicity

Despite the dangers associated with the use of DNP, no evidence of hepatotoxicity has been found, unlike certain oral anabolic steroids. However, if yellowing of the eyes occurs, the drug should be stopped immediately and medical attention sought as this may be an indication that jaundice or another liver condition has occurred.

Cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system is put under enormous strain through a variety of means when taking DNP. Any kind of activity will be much harder, which is why it’s not possible to work out intensively when the drug is being taken.

Some people describe taking DNP as being on a 24-hour permanent cardiovascular workout, and this constant stress can create an intolerable burden on the body. This can be shifted into the respiratory system, drying out the trachea and airways and making breathing more labored and rapid.


Because the DNP drug is not recommended as safe to use for anyone, the contraindications to its use are almost limitless. However, more specifically, anyone who has a history of issues with their metabolism, cardiovascular or immune system should steer well clear. In addition, because of the increased likelihood of going on to develop cataracts, any individual with a personal or family history of cataracts or associated eye problems should not risk buying DNP pills for sale.

Is DNP best suited to cutting, bulking or both

Many types of performance enhancing drugs can provide benefits for both cutting and bulking but for the DNP supplement, it’s best saved for the former.

The way DNP works is to generate a lot of heat at a cellular level, which ramps up the metabolism and leads to the burning of fat. However, this fuel being burned never reaches the muscles, which is one of the reasons why it can be much harder to exercise while running DNP. Cardiovascular endurance is typically lower and strength is reduced too. Combined with the need to avoid overheating at all costs, there’s very little opportunity to put on bulk.

Cutting is a different matter entirely and the DNP diet pill will be a fantastic aid to any cycle. If the side effects can be tolerated, and the overheating contained, DNP will produce cutting results unlike any other compound is capable of.

Is it safe for women to use?

DNP bodybuilding supplements are not safe for either sex to use, even when the recommendations are followed exactly. However, in women it can lead to vaginal infections because of its ability to alter the body’s immune response, in addition to all of the other side effects.

The maximum recommended dose for women is 25-50mg but generally it’s considered a particularly dangerous compound for females. Experts do not recommend that women buy DNP fat burner pills at any dosage.

Typical cost

It’s not possible to purchase this drug legally so the only option is to buy dinitrophenol from an underground source. This means that you may not get the strength you were expecting or the hygiene in the laboratory may be questionable.

The price will vary depending on the source but if you decide to buy dnp, expect to pay between $2-7 per 200mg capsule. There’s often a minimum quantity, typically set at around 50 tablets.

Use in sports

There’s absolutely no denying the potency of DNP, and its unparalleled fat burning effects. Although there are other thermogenics on the market, none have shown to have the same powerful results as DNP.

For this reason, it can still be found in many sports, despite the dangers associated with it.

Bodybuilding is one of the primary disciplines which uses DNP, because it greatly enhances the cutting cycle, providing a spectacularly lean, dry and hard look. This is much sought after for competitions and is why even with all the risks, that there is still a demand for dinitrophenol for sale.

However, the majority of sports could find a use for a fat burning pill, which allows excess weight to be shed without causing catabolism. The drug was considered to be such a danger to the world of sport, in 2015 Interpol and WADA combined forces to issue a global alert.

Legality of purchase and its usage in the US

Following its initial ill-fated spell in the 1930s, DNP fat burner tablets were ruled as unsafe for human consumption and withdrawn by the FDA. It is still classified as a drug which is dangerous for humans to take.

However, there are numerous other applications of DNP including as a pesticide. It is therefore possible to buy the drug legally, for other uses. It is not legal to sell DNP in the US for human consumption or to indicate that this may be one of the acceptable uses for it.

The UK, Europe, and Canada have also unsurprisingly made this harsh compound illegal.

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