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Ask The Expert Episode 3 - Simply

Episode 3

Ask the Expert: Episode 3

How easier/hard is home brewing? I have heard that its 10x cheaper to go the homebrew route. I have been sold some bunk gear recently so this idea appeals.

To produce the basic drugs, it is relatively easy and requires very little apparatus however sterility is a big concern. Also its very easy to make a cake given the basic ingredients but it’s not so easy to make a good cake.

Once a cycle ends how soon would you say a cut can be undertaken. I am feeling really fat at the moment and want to come down. I now know my body fat was too high to cycle.

It takes roughly 8 weeks sometimes slightly more for your body to accept new tissue as permanent. Therefore, id avoid cutting straight off the back of a bulk and maintain for that period. However, there is nothing wrong with a slow tighten and recomp in that time.

What do you think about subq injections? Do they work as well as injecting into the muscle?

Absorption rate from sub q is unpredictable. Also fat has androgen receptors so you lose some of the hormone to fat based receptors. They should always be injected intramuscular in my opinion.

Can you suggest a few options for a first ever cycle. I know test e only is recommended on the boards but I am open to more suggestions.

Starter cycles you can look at oral only of say 40mg ed of tbol or dbol or even Anavar. 400- 500mg of test is common and to be honest imo your best bet. You can combine the two but I don’t feel that’s necessary.

I have been cruising and blasting for 18 months now and I feel it’s time I came off for a break. What type of PCT would you advise and what are the chances of a complete recovery?

After 18 months’ I’d look at running DR Scallys power pct. You may have to adjust the estrogen management depending if you’re coming off from the cruise or cycle part of your rotation. Regarding the chances on recovery that’s a very individual thing with a lot of influencing factors so it’s very difficult to say.