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Ask The Expert Episode 4 - Simply

Episode 4

Ask the Expert: Episode 4

Dave Crosland has kindly answered some questions from the Simply Anabolic community. Please read below.

I am pretty new to steroids and the injecting is not getting any easier for me. Are there any benefits to injecting test e twice a week instead of just once?

Yes, there are advantages to injecting more frequently even with long esters. It will help to stabilize blood plasma levels, meaning that the level of hormone within your blood stream will be more constant.

What do you think of SARMS? They are much safer but not as potent. Can you see these taking the place of steroids in the future?

SARMS were originally developed as it was thought that they would not cause shut downs. However, that is not the case, as they do suppress the natural hormone production. Most pharma companies are dropping their development as there is no need for them. They still cause shutdowns and aren’t as effective as steroids, so pretty pointless to be fair.

Many will take them between cycles saying that they felt great. Well, of course, they never actually recovered or came off a cycle; in reality, they did a type of cruise. Apart from their misguided popularity among people who train, I don’t think the pharma world will bother with them much longer. And no, they will never replace steroids.

Nolva and clomid are the go to for PCT, but nolva does sound pretty nasty on the possible side effects side of things. Can a pct consisting of just clomid do the trick?

I would say clomid is nastier on sides than nolva. To be honest, many users report severe depression when using clomid. A lot would depend on the preceding cycle but, for me, a PCT should almost always include HCG, clomid and nolva.

I want to start supplementing HGH year round to help with the bodybuilding and to keep me fresh as I age. How many ius per day would you say is the healthy limit before side effects begin to occur?

Side effects from HGH use can occur at any dose, especially with long term use. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that long term use can supress the thyroid so, at some point, a low dose t3 may be required. The nest issue is the quality of your gh as a lot is garbage and many generics like hyge etc, are inconsistent. If you use good quality growth hormone, I’d say 1 to 2iu ed or eod.

What is the best bulking cycle in your opinion for gaining lots of quality muscle?

Don’t think you can beat test and deca for bulking. It may be old school, but it works.

If all of my cycles last 12 weeks, how many weeks should I take off before the next one? I do 4 weeks PCT and then jump back 6 weeks later. Interested to hear your thoughts.

I’d usually say a couple of months clean. So you are not far off with 6 weeks. I’d push it to 8 myself, sometimes even longer. Don’t just jump back on because the calendar says so. If you are not ready for whatever reason, work commitments etc. then just hold off a bit longer until you can get as much as possible in place. Similarly, if you are going well without it, leave it until you need it.

If you have any questions send them over and we will do our best to have them answered.