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Ask The Expert Episode 6 - Simply

Ask the Expert: Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of our “ask the expert” series with Dave Crosland. Here are the best questions that we have received this week.

I have got some tbol.  I am going to do a tbol only cycle for 8 weeks. I think you said 40mg ed is ok for a first cycle. But would it be best to take say 60mg or more because these things tend to be under dosed?

I have read also that tbol doesn’t shut you down too much and libido can actually increase. so would it be OK to time this cycle to end the day before I go on holiday for a weekend? I ask this because I don’t want to be feeling down and depressed whilst away.

Or is cycling and finishing well before this holiday a better bet?

On an oral only cycle you’ll still need a pct but you can run an all in cap that are sold online. Dosing if you’re going to run 60mg, just split into 3 x 20mg doses.

I have had gyno from steroid use from a few years back. I know that letro can be used to get rid of gyno. How would you recommend I dose it and for how long?

If your gyno is years old its unlikely letrozole will do anything as it is established tissue now so I’m afraid your looking at surgery. Get to your GP and play it heavy on the embarrassment factor, say things like, won’t take top off, ruined relationships etc and with any luck they should sort you. With letro as it is an ai and a particularly powerful one at that you’ll need a serm like tamox to take post usage to manage the rebound you’ll get.

Wondering what your thoughts are on the Rich Piana cycle he recently published online if you have had a chance to see it. It looks pretty insane to me!

To be honest I’ve not seen it. I like Rich but he’s a business man before he’s honest. A lot of his stuff is very calculated and managed and he’s nowhere near as honest as he likes to make out. I can’t really comment of the cycle as I’ve not seen it but I’ve run some pretty heavy cycles with very high HGH and slin use.

I want to add some tren to my next cycle. But I have read that this stuff can be pretty harsh on your mind. Can you please tell me why tren causes more mental issues compared to other steroids?

Now this is complex and to be honest some of the mechanisms are still unknown, however the effects have been noted. Tren like all nandrolones affect the d1 dopamine receptors. Tren has a more dramatic effect but remember this is a veterinary drug. It mutates sperm, effects cognitive ability as well as short term memory and there is growing evidence that it may have a direct effect on the kidneys, though this is unconfirmed.

I have only ever used cycles to bulk but I want to now cycle for a cut to keep hold of as much muscle as possible. Can you give me an idea on what would be a great cutting cycle for a moderate steroid user?

Steroids are not fat burners however high Estrogen will promote fat storage so this either needs to be tightly managed or choose drugs that do not aromatise. Also drugs with low water retentive properties will stop water retention blurring your results. Things like Anavar, tren, masteron, winstrol, etc

When using anadrol to start a bulk I have read that you should also use HCG, nolva and clomid. You take these to hold onto your gains and to lower cortisol. My question is if I am using anadrol alongside tren and cyp do I start the HCG, nolva and clomid even though I am using tren and cyp? If the answer is yes, how long would you dose for and to what mg?

You run HCG, clomid and nolva as a pct, it’s got nothing to do with running oxys. However, oxys do illicit a response from the Estrogen receptor so a serm like tamox / nolva is a good idea but it’s nothing to do with retaining gains more managing side effects. Post cycle a good solid pct (look up dr scallys power pct) with continued hard training will help.

Thanks for reading this latest episode. Visit our website regularly to read the latest episodes.

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