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Ask The Expert Episode 7 - Simply

Ask the Expert: Episode 7

Welcome to Simply Anabolics latest edition of “Ask the Expert” with Dave Crosland.

What do you think is the ideal first cycle? Do you agree that it is test e only?

Depends on the individual and their circumstances (not everybody is comfortable with injecting) but I’d say 400- 500mg a week of test e or sus is a great first cycle.

I have just completed a cycle of sus and tren ace 1 week ago. I have just today started showing gyno symptoms. I wasn’t going to start my pct for another week. I have both nolva and clomid. Should I start this right away?

Yes, start the nolva straight away i’d look at hcg for your actual pct as well, so run the nolva until you’re ready to start your pct then run pct as normal.

Do you have any favourite labs? I find its hit and miss buying this stuff so any lab recommendations would be great!

I use very few labs and only ones I know I can trust across the board. I used to use precision anabolics but unfortunately they are no more. So now if I was using I would use premier pharma, I’ve had it all tested and it all came back spot on.

Have you ever used insulin? If you have what type of results did it give you. Very interested in slin. I plan to use it somewhere down the line. Any tips on how to best use it safely.

Yes, I have it’s a very powerful drug but you have to give it serious respect. I have passed out driving at 80mph due to mismanaging my slin use. I was very lucky not to die in the resulting crash (luckily no one else was involved just me, a banking and several trees. It was the use of insulin an hgh that helped me reach 415lb. However, its application is complex and not something I would discuss on an open page, but what I will say is match your slin to your carb intake and not the other way around.

Should I take hcg during a test e / dbol cycle or is it best to wait until pct to use this? Opinions vary on this so I am wondering what yours is.

Either or both are effective. You can run it throughout your cycle but must be started at the same time from a fully functioning natty base or post in pct. If you run it during you won’t need to run it post really, just over run a couple of weeks on the low dose past your last jab.

Hi Dave I would love to hear your thoughts on the following. I read on a forum of some guy that did the following:

 Dbol at 10mg a day for 14 days

10 days off

Dbol at 10mg a day for 14 days

10 days off

This does cycle does not end. This is all year round. So dbol was being used as a supplement (low doses) and not a steroid (high doses). Apparently all blood works came back good and his test levels increased whilst doing this. He was never shutdown or used a PCT. He did not say he made crazy gains but solid and consistent for an experienced lifter. Also got the feel good feeling from dbol. Such a low dose of dbol would do no harm to the liver right? I find this super interesting and it makes some sense to me.

Your correct in that such a low dose is unlikely to do liver harm long term but it may affect the stomach lining as long term medication of any drug can. However, the bit I would question would be the suppression. A dose of 15mg per day has been shown to suppress function by 69%. Are there any blood works to back up the claim of no shutdown?

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