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Ask The Expert Episode 5 - Simply

Episode 5

Ask the Expert: Episode 5

Welcome to episode 5 of our “ask the expert” series with Dave Crosland.

When I am on cycle I up the amount of workout days, sets and reps. Everything is increased. But when I come off sticking with all this high volume is hard. Is it ok to drop the volume during PCT or is it best to do everything 100% the same as during cycle?

I’m not fan of upping volume whilst on cycle and prefer to up intensity which will come up anyway due to increased strength. I push hard on or off the difference is whilst off I just cannot push as hard as I can when I’m on. So as being on cycle increases my performance I don’t have to consciously increase my work load.

So to answer your question you should push as hard as you can on or off but I wouldn’t increase volume whilst on. Just intensity. Also training is supposed to be hard if it isn’t hard you’re not doing it right. The last thing you want to be doing during an off period is taking your foot of the gas. It’s crucial to keep intensity as high as possible to help retain the gains you have made.

What’s your thoughts on a avavar only cycle? I know it is expensive but a friend tells me it’s amazing for a recomp. Maybe you think another steroid is better for a recomp?

Nothing wrong with an Anavar only cycle and they can be productive. However, let me clarify something, there are no fat burning steroids or recomp steroids. Some promote less water retention so you get drier gains but that’s it, diet will be your biggest factor when trying to recomp.

I have seen some cycles on forums where they kick-start with an oral and run injectables alongside. Then they jump back on the orals towards the end. What does the finishing with more orals offer?

Nothing other than higher levels of hormone towards the end. People will sometimes drop injectables and finish off on orals, the idea being that as the orals dissipate in accordance with their half life the injectables keep levels elevated so that when you come off the orals. There is no period of time of diminishing hormones so when you stop you are hormone levels reduce very rapidly.

My hairline is receding and I really want to start a test cycle. Is there anything I can take to potentially save my hair whilst on test?

Yes, and no unfortunately if your prone to hair loss you are prone to it. However, the prevention of the conversion of testosterone to dht may help the situation, dht is a lot more potent than test. Preventing this conversion by using finasteride however this will also lower the overall effectiveness of your cycle. You can look at running drugs that are dht based, this way there is no conversion so you can manage doses more effectively.

Can you critique this cycle for me please? I’ve a handful of cycle under my belt I’m not a complete novice.

Weeks 1-10 300 mg Test e
Weeks 1-10 300 mg Deca
Weeks 13-16 50 mg Winny eod

Regarding your cycle I’m confused why you would leave a 3 week gap between your last shot and the start of the orals. If you’re going to do that I really don’t see the point of the orals. Running them during weeks 10-13, but not 13-16, but why not run them throughout?

I’m running a test/dbol cycle and I’m growing lots of hair out my back and shoulders. I hope this stops when I come off, will it?

Welcome to my world. Yes the hair growth will reduce when you come off.

Thanks Dave. If you have any questions that you would like answering please forward them to use at